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How To Plan The Perfect 2022 Holiday

With 2022 now upon us, the thoughts of all travel-minded folk like ourselves turn firmly towards booking this year’s getaway. You may be looking to catch some rays in a sunny holiday spot, perhaps you’ll be searching out a relaxing UK or overseas city break, or you may even be looking to visit somewhere further afield.

Wherever it is you’d like to tick off your list this year, the key is in the planning, which is why we’ve compiled this guide to help you plan the perfect 2022 holiday – read on and get the wheels rolling on your next much-needed break!

1) Pinpoint exactly what it is you’re looking to get out of your holiday

So what is it that you want to return home with after finishing your holiday? A sun tan? Maybe an insight into a different city’s culture? Perhaps a serene state of relaxation after some peace and quiet? Or is it quality time spent with your loved ones?

Whatever you decide you want most, it’s important to pinpoint this as early as possible in the holiday destination decision making process to ensure you whittle down your potential list of spots to choose from. For heat, you could look at visiting a country by the Med, for culture perhaps a city break to Rome or Barcelona would be right up your street, peace and quiet can be assured with a UK spa break and quality time with loved ones can be enjoyed almost anywhere either on these shores or abroad!

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2) Consider your financial situation

Of course when committing to any holiday booking you need to consider the financial impact this may have on you. Look at your individual situation and decide how far in advance you need to book to be able to save enough to first of all pay for the trip, but then also to set aside the pennies to use as spending money whilst you’re away.

Remember, the vast majority of travel agents will allow you to pay for your break in smaller monthly instalments as opposed to a big one-off cost, so getting organised and booking early means you’ll have longer to pay your balance off, which will no doubt be a huge benefit.

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3) Consider upcoming events you think you’d like that you can tie your holiday in with

Some people like to get away and simply enjoy the holiday they’re taking, but many others often look ay ways they can tie their holiday in with events taking place around the world. One of the main events taking place this year is the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, whilst Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Turin is set to hold this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, so if you’re a fan of football, a snowy sports supporter or singing enthusiast, you may want to consider trying to attend one of those.

Other spots to think about visiting include Kaunas, which is one of three European capitals of culture for 2022, as well as old favourites like Ibiza and the abundance of music and DJ sets the island will welcome throughout the summer.

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4) Pick out the best time to be away

Commitments back home mean you need to really think about when the best time to be away would be. For example, you’ll most likely need to pick a time that fits in with your work situation and avoid things like big family celebrations that may be coming up over the next 12 months. If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll of course need to consult the school summer holiday dates for 2022, and likewise if you won’t be holidaying with little ones, you’d still be wise to find out when the school holidays are so you can potentially avoid them.


5) Use our handy comparison tool to help you secure your next holiday for the best possible price

Once you’ve picked out what you want from your next holiday, considered your financial situation, upcoming events you may want to include in your trip and when the best time to go away is, then comes the exciting part – actually booking your trip and getting excited for it!

That’s where we come in, you want to be able to compare all the best deals from the UK’s top travel providers in an instant, and that’s exactly what you can do with Our easy-to-use price comparison tool allows you to input your chosen country, city, resort or hotel, and then select the exact dates you’d like to be away for and the departure airport you want to fly from as well as other preferences such as the star rating, board basis and hotel features. We’ll then provide a list of available deals based on all of your exact requirements - all you have to do from that point is decide where to go and the wheels will have been well and truly set in motion!

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Find your 2022 holiday!

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