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How To Save Money When Renewing Your Family’s Passports

The Home Office recently announced plans to increase the cost of passport renewals, which is set to hit parents hard when looking to book their future family holidays. Luckily, we have a handy trick to help dodge this hike, meaning you can save those pennies ahead of your trip abroad with the loved ones.

What are the latest price increases?

The price of a child’s passport is set to rise by nearly 30%, from £46 to £58.50, whilst adult renewals will also be increased to £85 from £72.50.

Why have these increases been brought in?

It is believed the Home Office wants to transfer the cost of passport services onto holidaymakers, so tax payers aren’t forced to foot this bill going forward. An announcement also stated that the rises were part of a border security and infrastructure investment, thought to be in excess of £100m.

Is this anything to do with Brexit or the bringing back of blue passports?

No, this price increase has nothing to do with Brexit or the proposed reintroduction of blue passports once Britain leaves the European Union.

Is it the same price to renew whether I do this online or by post?

It’s still cheaper to renew online at £75.50 for adults and £49 for children. Postal applications will set adults back £85, whilst for children it’s £58.50.

Are any other increases planned?

Fast track (one week renewal) prices will increase to £142 from £103, whilst the premium cost (one day renewal) will escalate more drastically from £128 to £177.

When will the increases come into force?

The price changes are scheduled to come into force on Tuesday 27th March. This will impact all renewals, new applications or if you have lost your passport or changed your name through marriage for example.

How can I beat the increase and save money when renewing my family’s passports?

If your passport is expiring within the next nine months, make sure you renew before the rises come into force on 27th March 2018 to take advantage of the current price. If your passport is due to expire in slightly longer than nine months’ time, it might still be worth renewing early as despite losing a period of validity, you should save money.

Please be aware that if you are renewing your passport to beat the hike because of a change of name or gender and have already booked, be careful as details on your passport will likely need to match those on your booking. If in doubt, contact the company your trip is booked with.

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