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How To Stay Cool On Holiday And At Home

The UK enjoyed sizzling temperatures this weekend, including the hottest ever August Bank Holiday EVER recorded, thanks to a heat plume from the continent. Naturally, the internet has therefore been full of ways to cool down during the unexpected hot weather, as well as what not to do, so we thought we'd round up our tried and tested tips for you to bear in mind both at home and abroad.

Out And About

  • Choose Your Clothes Carefully

  • Be sure to wear light coloured clothing that's loose enough to allow air to get in so you can keep cool. Fabrics like cotton and linen work best as they're breathable.

  • Take Cover

  • Try to limit the time you spend outside during the hottest hours of the day (11am-3pm) when the sun’s at its strongest. If you really must go out, keep in the shade when you can.

  • Keep Hydrated

  • It's important to keep your body hydrated during hot weather as our bodies sweat more and this lost water needs replacing. The best way to hydrate is to drink plenty of good ol' fashioned H2O, but you can also eat foods with high water content such as strawberries, cucumber, lettuce and melon. Failing that, you can always have an ice lolly!

  • Wear Sun Cream

  • It's so important to wear sun cream during warm weather to stop yourself from getting sunburnt or sunstroke. Even if you are not visiting a hot country, wearing sun cream all year round is a great way to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

At Home

  • Use A Fan

  • Whether it's electric or manual, a fan will help move the air around your body and cool you down. For best results, put a bottle or two of frozen water in front of it to make your own makeshift air conditioning unit.

  • Try A Cold Water Bottle

  • Hot water bottles may be what you're used to, but have you ever thought of filling one with ice cold water? They're great for cooling down your bed before you enter or for just keeping you cool in general. Just be sure to wrap your water bottle in a towel to prevent overexposure.

  • Take A Shower

  • Have a lukewarm shower before getting into bed can help cool your body down. Although you might think a cold shower would work best, it could wake you up and activate your bodies fight or flight response, so be sure to keep the temperature somewhere in the middle.

  • Open Windows At Night

  • Keep your home or room cool by closing the windows when it's hotter outside than inside, but when the sun goes down and stops emitting heat, be sure to open all windows and let some cool air in.

  • Close The Blinds/Curtains

  • Shutting your blinds and/or curtains during the day is a good way to block out the sun. However, if you have thick dark curtains it's better to keep them open as the fabric might keep the heat trapped inside.

  • Freeze Your Sheets

  • Apparently, putting your sheets (and pillowcases) into a plastic bag and placing them in a freezer before bed can help you stay cool overnight. We have yet to try this, but can see the appeal!

Have you got any other tips for how to stay cool at home and on holiday? Drop us a tweet to let us know - @icelollyholiday!

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