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How To Survive A Family Holiday

The school summer holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to pack up the family and go on holiday! Family holidays may seem like a good idea, however between the bickering, sulking and outright fights over pool inflatables, they can actually end up being quite exhausting to say the least. In order to help you survive and reach the end of your holiday with your sanity intact, we’ve compiled a list of tips to get you through the family holiday season…

Plan, But Don’t Over Plan

It’s a great idea to have a schedule for your holiday, especially if there are certain places or things you’d like to tick off your list. However, when it comes to holidaying with children, and even most grown-ups, things don’t always go to plan so don’t have too tight a schedule! Make sure to have a list/guide of where to go and what to do, but don’t plan it to military precision as you will more than likely end up going off plan which could cause tension within the group.

Accept That You’ll Get Annoyed

The sooner you realise that your holiday will have some tense moments the better! By accepting that there will be moments that you will be annoyed or want to dump your whole family back at the airport, the easier it will to deal with those moments when they arise. You’re less likely to get stressed out and are more likely to find the funny side in the tense moments a whole lot sooner.

Remember To Take Some You Time

With all the organising, planning and running around after people it can be quite exhausting, so make sure you take some you time to just sit back and relax. Have a swim, take to a sun lounger with a good book, or just lock yourself in the hotel room with a cocktail! Making sure to relax and refresh your batteries is not only worthwhile for you, but also for other members of the family… Everyone needs some downtime away from each other sometimes!

Let The Little Things Slide

OK, so we don’t mean that you should throw your whole good behaviour thing go, but more so that you shouldn’t sweat some of the little stuff. The whole family are on holiday so being a little more lax with the rules should help everyone feel in the holiday mood and less likely to bicker or sulk… hopefully!

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