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How To Turn 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 50 In 2019

Who doesn’t want more time to take advantage of cheap holidays each year? We know we certainly do. With a bit of clever holiday-hacking and preparation, we have figured out how you can be away on your jollies for a 50 whole days next year – without using any unpaid leave.

There’s an abundance of holiday package deals and flight offers out there, so we don’t blame holidaymakers for wanting to cram in more than one trip per year. Here at, we often see city and short beach breaks from £99 per person - plus all-inclusive week-long escapes for under £300 per person - so if you’re not restricted on when you can take your annual leave, it’s completely possible for many people to get away more than once a year.

Our top tip is to make sure you book the days off pronto, before your colleagues discover this simple life hack too.

So, what could you do with all that time off?

  • Book a European city break for New Year’s Eve from £99pp

  • In April, take a two week holiday and book a long haul trip - plus give yourself a day to prepare and rest either side

  • Take a UK mini break in early May

  • Find a deal for an all inclusive week-long shoulder season (the time between peak and off peak) to Greece, Turkey or Spain, with a day either side to relax

  • Try a late summer cruise at the end of August (look out for early bird deals)

  • Have an extended Christmas break either relaxing at home or chasing a winter sun bargain

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To get the most out of your annual leave, you just need to book off the dates that are in bold italics:

New Year

Sat 29 Dec, Sun 30 Dec, Mon 31 Dec, Tue 1 Jan

Total Leave: 4

Annual Leave Used: 1


Sat 13 Apr, Sun 14 Apr, Mon 15 Apr, Tue 16 Apr, Wed 17 Apr, Thur 18 Apr, Fri 19 Apr, Sat 20 Apr, Sun 21 Apr, Mon 22 Apr, Tues 23 Apr, Wed 24 Apr, Thurs 25 Apr, Fri 26 Apr, Sat 27 Apr, Sun 28 Apr

Total Leave: 16

Annual Leave Used: 8

May Day

Sat 4 May, Sun 5 May, Mon 6 May

Total Leave: 3

Annual Leave Used: 0

Spring Bank Holiday

Sat 25th May, Sun 26th May, Mon 27th May, Tues 28th May, Wed 29 May, Thur 30 May, Fri 31 May, Sat 1 Jun, Sun 2 Jun

Total Leave: 9

Annual Leave Used: 4

Summer Bank Holiday

Sat 24 Aug, Sun 25 Aug, Mon 26 Aug, Tues 27 Aug, Wed 28 Aug, Thur 29 Aug, Fri 30 Aug, Sat 31 Aug, Sun 1 Sept

Total Leave: 9

Annual Leave Used: 4


Sat 21st Dec, Sun 22nd Dec, Mon 23rd Dec, Tue 24th Dec, Wed 25th Dec, Thurs 26th Dec, Fri 27th Dec, Sat 28th Dec, Sun 29th Dec

Total Leave: 9

Annual Leave Used: 3

Will you be making the most of these annual leave savers in 2019? Let us know by tweeting us at @icelollyholiday!

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