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How Will Our Experience On Aeroplanes Change Post COVID-19?

With more and more tourists jetting away from these shores to enjoy a holiday abroad, we’re doing our best to help you all prepare as best you can for that first post COVID-19 break.

One of the aspects of holidaying that will change the most is our experiences in airports and on the plane, and if you’re wondering what exactly will be different the next time you head for the skies, read on to find out more.

Remember, all these necessary precautions are being undertaken to keep you and others around you safe.

Social Distancing Within The Airport & When Boarding

As is the case in all public areas right now, airport staff, cabin crew and passengers will all be expected to follow social distancing rules. This includes when queuing at the check in desk, going through security and when browsing duty free, and there should be clear reminders of this as well as floor markings just so you don’t forget.

Certain airlines have also suggested social distancing will be expected when boarding your plane and when using shuttle busses.

This However Isn’t Currently Being Enforced Whilst Airborne

It was initially thought that airlines would encourage social distancing on planes by preventing the sale and use of the middle seat for all flights, though the likes of Ryanair, easyJet and others have since stated that this won’t be the case.

That does however mean that capacity will not be impacted, and so you’ll be able to book your next flight without fear of missing out because a reduced amounts of seats are available.

Use Of Face Masks By Staff & Passengers

It has become the norm in recent times whenever out and about to see people wearing face masks – an important preventative measure to stop the spread of germs. All staff, including cabin crew, and passengers will be expected to do so when at the airport, so make sure to bring one along with you.

It’s also likely you’ll need to use a face mask when out in public at your chosen destination too, so you might actually want to consider packing a couple. Rules regarding the use of masks differ dependent on the country you’ll be in so it’s always best to check prior to travelling.

Cash-Free Purchasing

We’re all being encouraged to use contactless payments as much as possible at supermarkets and the like over here, and this is also preferred at airports when purchasing food, your pre-flight pint or items at duty free.

If you intend to buy anything whilst airborne, you’re also heavily encouraged to pay via the contactless method too.

Hand Sanitising Stations

Once again, the norm of late is to see hand sanitising stations dotted around public areas, and this will be no different when it comes to airports. Travellers are expected to make use of these facilities at regular intervals, as well as making sure to wash their hands thoroughly whenever possible.

Try to remember to bring along your own bottle of hand sanitiser also so you can keep applying whilst on the plane, or if you do forget, pick some up at duty free.

Slightly Longer Waiting Times & Queueing

Because of all the necessary precautions that need to be put in place, you may experience longer waiting times around the airport, including slightly lengthier queues at the baggage drop off desk, when purchasing food, going through security and when actually boarding.

For this reason, you should aim to get to the airport earlier than you usually would to ensure you arrive in plenty of time to follow all of the new regulations put in place to help keep us all safe.

Extra Health Checks Upon Arrival At Your Destination

This final one is hard to provide a blanket piece of advice for as it really depends on the destination you’ll be visiting. Each country has their own rules and regulations for new arrivals, which could include the mandatory use of face masks, temperature checks, social distancing and more.

You should always seek out the exact guidelines being imposed by the country you’re visiting for the most up to date information in order to ensure you know what to expect and are able to comply properly.

Do you have any other questions about what our experience at the airport and when airborne will be like in a post COVID-19 world? Tweet @icelollyholiday and we’ll do our best to advise.