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How You Think You Look Skiing Vs. How You Actually Look

Wearing a onesie is so 1980’s cool.

retro onesies

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Well, maybe not that cool...

Retro ski fashion></h2>

<p style=

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Oh okay, ouch.  No-one saw that right?  Please say no-one saw?

falling in skiing

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Man, this new beard mask is keeping my face so warm!

beard mask

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Wait, I just look like Dumbledore right?


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Guys, let's go hit some fresh powder.  This day's going to be awesome!

enjoying a day of fresh powder

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Oh, no. 

how you think you look skiing

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Tanning time on the slopes! Surely it can’t be that sunny?

Tanning on the slopes
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Oh yeah it can be that sunny. Sunny enough to get ridiculous goggle lines.

Goggle tan lines

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By Emma Hart