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Chat Launches All-New Range Of Savoury Ice Lollies

Nothing says summer like an ice lolly, and here at, we're getting set to offer holidaymakers a taste of foreign climes with the launch of a range of savoury sorbets.

At the moment, icelolly customers rely on our content-rich website to research the holiday that’s right for them. From today however, icelolly icelollies will also offer customers a unique taste of favourite destinations courtesy of an all-new selection of frozen treats.

We've commissioned Pol Floriàl, the celebrated French chef and Europe’s finest purveyor of non-sweet ice creams and lollies, to create a range of flavours inspired by the website’s top ten destinations, with five flavours for Europe and five more for popular non-EU hotspots.

Floriàl has gone ‘above and beyond’ in his mission to find a traditional recipe to suit each destination, drawing inspiration from AM Barshall’s ‘The Book of Icelollies’, first published in 1885, which contained a variety of popsicles with ingredients that included asparagus, cabbage, assorted meats and more.

Sharing the same passion for unconventional-yet-compatible flavours as the Victorian ice pop pioneer, Floriàl’s icelolly icelollies will include delicious varieties including Spanish Paella Perfecto, Chilly Mexican Chilli and the U.S. Iceberger.

“My bespoke recipes for icelolly icelollies feature sweet and sour flavours that incorporate spice and smoke as well as meat, potatoes and vegetables,” explains Floriàl. “However, the unique base recipe includes lashings of cream and organic cane sugar, which makes each variety a truly appetising savoury sensation.”

“Take the Chilly Mexican Chilli flavour, for example. At first you get that lovely layer of milk and cream on your tongue and then, when you swallow, a savoury chilli and sour cream taste kicks-in – it’s amazing to think that something that’s both hot and cold can taste so truly scrumptious.”

From those looking for a taste of what they can expect when away this summer to others returning from their travels who might be looking to kick back and chill with a savoury souvenir of their time abroad, holidaymakers will soon be able to enjoy the following icelolly icelollies:


  • Spanish Paella Perfecto
  • Greek Gyros Gelatier
  • Portuguese Baltic Bacalhau
  • Cypriot Souvlaki Supreme
  • Italian Bolognese Biscotti

Rest of the World

  • Turkish Doner Delight
  • Cool Egyptian Kosghari
  • U.S. Iceberger
  • Chilly Mexican Chilli
  • Moroccan Tagine Torte

Since being reintroduced to the Great British public by Bleston Humenthal, who first served his pork and beer ice lolly in 2002, savoury sorbets have been steadily rising in popularity. They’ve not quite reached the mainstream yet, but as more and more people visit to compare and save on holidays, is confident that its subsidiary iced-foods brand will one day prove as popular as its parent company.

“While I’ve been known to scoff the odd ice lolly in the summer, I have to say that I scoffed at the idea of launching a very odd savoury iced-food brand of our own,” explains Richard Singer, CEO, “However, after enjoying a terrific tasting session at Pol’s restaurant [Healrift Strip in Soho] earlier this year, I was hugely impressed with the fantastic flavours he has created for icelolly icelollies, and firmly believe that the company will continue to grow as the go-to ‘cool brand’ in the months and years ahead.”