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Instagrammable Places In Krakow

When you think of Instagrammable locations Krakow isn’t the first place that usually comes to mind. You’d be forgiven for that, as most assume it to be a place for stag weekends and cold weather. However, Krakow is packed full of hidden gems when it comes to street art, architecture and ‘hipster’ bars, so there’s plenty of places to grab a few snaps for the ‘gram…

1. The Streets of Kazimierz

This area of Krakow houses the Jewish Quarter and is considered one of the most cultural and trendy places in the city. It’s also home to some of the prettiest streets around – there’s a mix of colourful buildings amongst the plainer ones. For us the plainer buildings steal the show and pack much more charm and nostalgia into their facades though.

2. Old Town, Main Square

Main Square is up there with the go to Instagram spots and for good reason… It’s impressive buildings, old architecture and quirky cafes offer numerous photo opps and backdrops for your grid.

3. The Corner of Doubtful Thomas

Another area of Krakow that’s packed full of cool bars and cafes is The Corner of Doubtful Thomas. The most instgrammable spot here is most certainly the Café Camelot which embraces it’s run down look and turns it into a charming little corner of Krakow.

4. The Cloth Hall

If you frame your pictures here just right you can capture St. Mary’s Basilica through the arches of the Cloth Hall. Alternatively, you can capture the arches themselves framed with the beautiful greenery surrounding the area.

If you’re looking for more Instagrammable spots in the city, then check out our handy downloadable Google Map with all the locations on…

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