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July 2017 #HolidayChat Round-Up

The beginning of a new month brings with it fresh optimism, a desire to try something new and, most importantly in our eyes, another #HolidayChat! This time, the topic was ‘Holiday Hotels.’ Pretty coincidental really, considering we recently implemented a hotel search function on our website. Yeah….such a coincidence.

So read on to catch all the natter from our completely impromptu, unplanned chat, that definitely wasn’t manufactured to complement our other marketing activities.

Q1) What's the best hotel you've ever stayed at? What made it so good?

Plenty of lush hotels got a mention in answer to our first question of the night. If only there was a super-easy way to check out the latest offers for specific hotel deals, eh?

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q1A1

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q1A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q1A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q1A4

Q2) Where's the best specific hotel location you've ever experienced?

Was it by the beach, in the city, the middle of nowhere? #HolidayChat

The beach, the city, the middle of nowhere…you guys don’t care as long as the views are looking pretty guuurd.

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q2A1

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q2A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q2A3

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q2A4

Q3) What quirky hotel features, locations or facilities have caught your eye before? Has it convinced you to stay there? #HolidayChat

Okay, hands up. Who wants to try out some of these hotels!?

If only we knew a quick and easy way to pick out cheap hotel deals. If only…

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q3A1

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q3A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q3A3

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q3A4

Q4) What's the most unique experience you've ever encountered whilst at your hotel on holiday? What happened & where were you? #HolidayChat

Free wine? Check. Cute engagement stories? Check. Submarine dining? Check. Sleeping in a coffin? Check.

Wait, what?

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q4A1

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q4A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q4A3

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q4A4

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q4A5

Q5) Get imaginative! What 3 things (realistic or not!) would make for your perfect holiday hotel? #HolidayChat

We wanted to let your imaginations run wild with our final question of July’s #HolidayChat!

How cool would some of these features be!?

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q5A2

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q5A3

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q5A4

July 2017 #HolidayChat - Q5A5

What’s the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at? Any unique experiences you’d care to share or quirky features you’d love to be able to test out? Let us know by commenting below!