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Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel For 2020

With a new year, and a whole new decade, on the horizon many people’s attention is turning to listicles for yearly reviews and inspiration for the upcoming year. This week Lonely Planet released their Best In Travel list for 2020, which covers everything from Top 10’s for value, countries, cities and regions. We’ve picked our favourites from the lists to feature here…

The Best Countries

England (ranked 2nd) - It’s always nice to see your home country on these lists, but especially so when the list is full of so many other amazing destinations. England was ranked as the second best country in the world; that’s second out of 195 countries! When you really think about it you can see why UK holiday are so popular; our tiny isle is packed full of historic castles, quaint villages and impressive cathedrals. Lonely Planet note that in 2020 new sections of the English Coast Path will open thus granting access to the entire coastline, this means there will be nearly 3000 miles of continuous trail – the longest in the world!

North Macedonia (ranked 3rd) - Following just behind England in third place is North Macedonia, much like England they have recently launched a new trail which spans 495km along dramatic peaks and through Albania and Kosovo. Many note that the inclusion to the list is in part due to the re-branding of the country from Macedonia to North Macedonia following decades long dispute with Greece. However, the amazing scenery, food and culture in North Macedonia isn’t to be overlooked and contributes heavily to it’s new found popularity.

Costa Rica (ranked 6th) - Throughout the year we have noticed an increase in people mentioning Costa Rica as THE travel destination to add to your list. When we hold our #HolidayChat over on Twitter it’s always a popular answer to any dream destination question – so it came as no surprise to us that it came 6th on Lonely Planet’s list. Costa Rica have embraced eco-tourism, and in fact use this a as a major selling point to tourists, whether that’s via education on the diverse fauna and wildlife that thrives there, or via their pledge to be carbon neutral by 2020 – 90% of their energy used is already renewable.

The Best Cities

Salzburg, Austria (ranked 1st) - Even though Salzburg has topped the list mainly due to 2020 being their centenary of the Salzburg Festival, there are many more reason to visit this stunning city. As noted by Lonely Planet the city will pull out all the stops to celebrate the 100th year of the festival, with special exhibitions, Mozart matinees and concerts. However, if that isn’t your kind of trip you can always skip the festival and focus on the cities many other offerings such as the historical downtown district or Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Bonn, Germany (ranked 5th) - The former capital of Western Germany was long forgotten after the fall of the Berlin Wall, however it’s now making a resurgence for 2020. The city will celebrate the 250th birthday of its most famous resident, Beethoven. The city will be come alive with events and play host ot world famous composers, orchestras, and conductors.

Vancouver, Canada (ranked 8th) - Another addition for the eco-tourism collection is Vancouver, whose Greenest City 2020 Action Plan will certainly tick many eco boxes. With some of the world’s most stunning scenery Vancouver was made for walking and biking trails, which is why they have recently extended both of these, not to mention since 2010 they have planted over 102,000 new trees to add to the already beautiful scenes.

The Best For Value

Budapest, Hungary (ranked 5th) - With a weakening exchange against the pound it’s more vital than ever to visit destinations where you’re money will go further – Budapest is one of those destinations. Ranked as the 2nd best destination for value, Budapest will be a popular holiday hotspot for 2020. It offers great value when it comes to food and drink, and even the attractions such as the thermal baths can be enjoyed for only a few pounds.

Average cost of a 3 course meal for 2: £25.00 / Cost of an imported beer: £1.60

Serbia (ranked 6th) - One of Europe’s more recent up and coming hotspots is Serbia – not only does it offer great value whilst there, but as the destination isn’t in peak popularity just yet you’ll be able to get a bargain on your accommodation before visiting. If you venture away from the main city of Belgrade you’ll be greeted with out of this world scenery, world class wineries and memorials from the Yugoslav era.

Average cost of a 3 course meal for 2: £20.00 / Cost of an imported beer: £1.75

Tunisia (ranked 7th) - Rounding out the list in 7th place is Tunisia, which has always offered great value for money when it comes to tourism, but even more so now with the collapse of Thomas Cook, etc. Aside from the great value the destination offers there are some truly awe-inspiring sights to see, like the Santorini-Esque coastal town of Sidi Bou Said with its white and blue buildings. The country has a rich history and is a melting pot of cultures which sit alongside perfect beaches and dunes.

Average cost of a 3 course meal for 2: £11.00 / Cost of an imported beer: £1.00

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