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Long Haul Flying Just Got A Whole Lot Cheaper

Long haul holidays to sunnier surroundings are often just what’s needed to get away from the stresses of daily life. The downside is that this type of journey is generally a lot more expensive than breaks closer to home in and around Europe.

However, you could be about to save a shed load of dosh on flights for those dreamy faraway holidays. Sound good? Read on for more details…

How can I save money on long haul flights?

The first ever budget flight from London to South America took off recently, which some expect will spark an uplift in future availability as airlines look to be as competitive as possible in the skies.

Basically, travellers can fly long haul for a fraction of the current cost, but they would forfeit some of the perks a journey of this distance would usually include. Keep an eye out for their latest deals and you'll soon be an expert at finding cheap holidays.

Are budget long haul flights a different to traditional ones?

Food and luggage wouldn’t be included so you would need to pay more for any extras, and the seats are tightly packed to make room for as many passengers as possible. These sacrifices have become increasingly popular on short haul trips due to the overall amount of money that can be saved.

Which airlines are starting to offer this service?

Wednesday 14th February saw a Norwegian Air flight hit the skies from Gatwick, heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with fares on the 14-hour trip starting from £259 one-way.

Other low cost carriers such as Wow and Primera are also set to offer a similar service in their bid to take on some of the industry’s bigger boys.

What other long haul routes could become available on budget flights?

Norwegian’s chief exec has said that other South American destinations including Uruguay, Chile and Brazil could soon become available whilst further expansion to places in the far east and south Asia such as Tokyo and Beijing are also on the agenda, with more expected in the future.

How can low-cost airlines afford to undercut more traditional long haul carriers so dramatically?

Pricing strategies are thought to centre around deploying a young fleet of aeroplanes, which will use less fuel per passenger compared to other long haul aircraft.

Flying into secondary airports, where the landing fares can sometimes be far cheaper, also helps drive down the airline’s route costs.

Some transatlantic flights can be purchased from as low as £69, though fliers would have to pay to reserve a seat, for onboard food and luggage – similar to the pricing structure deployed by low-cost short haul companies such as Ryanair.

Why have these changes to usual long haul flight fares been proposed?

It is thought the changes, or more specifically the cheaper prices, are an attempt to hit the millennial market more forcefully, who perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily shell out large amounts of money on long distance flights, though the reduced cost could conceivably appeal to most long haul customers.

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