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Making the most of Ibiza

So, you’ve put the wheels in motion to book up for Ibiza this summer. You’ve rounded up your mates, decided where you want to stay, and have the Venga Boys classic “We’re going to Ibiza” playing on repeat on your iPod… but do you REALLY know what you’re in for?

You may think that partying in Ibiza is about hitting a massive club by night and sleeping off your hangover by day. I’m afraid you are mistaken. Ibiza has a very ‘go hard or go home’ approach to its night life, which it takes very seriously! If it doesn’t take you at least a week to put your sleep pattern back to normal when you land back at home, then you have not truly experienced Ibiza.

To give you a little taster (purely fictional of course…), read on to sample a typical day in the life of an Ibiza reveller, with added tips on how to get the most out of your time on the White Isle.

Boat parties, pool parties, beach parties, day excursions… the list of things to do to keep you from lying in bed all day is endless; and always remember, when you book your holiday, you’re paying for the daylight hours as well as the nights!

After a hard night’s partying, you can fully expect not to return to your hotel room until at least 6am. Like vampires fleeing from the sun, delirious clubbers crawl into the safety of their beds for at least a few hours shut eye, but make sure you set your alarm reasonably early so as not to miss breakfast!

Breakfast will be your prime source of sustenance in Ibiza. There is no better cure for a fuzzy head than a greasy fry-up (and you won’t struggle to find one in San Antonio.) Equally, you won’t find time for much more than light snacks for the rest of the day, so stock up while you can!

Daytime events in Ibiza start anywhere from midday and can carry you through well into the early hours. Boat parties or “booze cruises” especially have become a pillar of Ibizan club culture, many events now being sponsored by super clubs who then provide tickets for their evening events in with the price of boat party tickets.

Alternatively, if you don’t trust your sea legs after a few cocktails, why not attend one of the island’s famous pool parties? The daylight pool party at Ushuaia in Playa D’en Bossa is particularly special, with full scale party madness happening in the late afternoon!

Considerably well-oiled from a full day’s boozing, by the time the sun is about to go down, you should be ready to live it up! Don’t waste time having a siesta, get yourself freshened up, have a few (more) drinks on your hotel balcony, maybe grab something to eat (a pot noodle will suffice), and get yourself out on the Sunset Strip. Here you will find the coolest café bars and music lounges playing an eclectic mix of chilled out tunes and club classics, with the added luxury of front row views of the famous Ibizan sunset over the bay.

After dark, things on the White Isle only get hotter, and that is when the hedonistic Ibiza everybody knows and loves really comes into its own, and the circle begins again.

If you’re scared you won’t survive a week of this mindless, self-indulgent party chaos, check out our Clubber’s Survival Guide before you fly out. Everyone’s experience of Ibiza is different, the main thing to remember is, enjoy yourself! 

By Leanne Tonks - Marketing Intern/Beach bum at