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Marbella Holidays Unwrapped: Part 1

Marbella and its marina, Puerto Banus, are chic, luxurious and well known playgrounds for the rich and famous. With the exquisite yachts in the harbour, glamorous shops and beautiful Spanish sunshine, it’s easy to see why people come back here year after year.

However, this beautiful spot on the Southern Spanish coast isn’t just a destination for those looking to splash the cash. Over recent years, Marbella has become more popular with younger generations looking to let their hair down for a week or two.

Featured on shows like The Only Way is Essex, “Marbs” is shown as a place where parties take place from dusk ‘til dawn, where world class DJ’s showcase their finest tunes and where glamour is a necessary part of the holiday. If it’s your first time going to Marbella, here are our best tips to make your holiday a success!

Booking the Flights
Okay, so it might not be as glamorous as sailing in on a sparkling white yacht but hopping on a flight is by far the easiest way to get to Marbella. Gather your friends, get online and find an airport near you! Most UK airports fly to nearby Malaga and the flight time takes around 2.5 hours. Once you arrive, you can jump on a bus outside arrivals which takes you straight to the centre of Marbella! This means you can get a morning flight, arrive looking glam and be sipping cocktails by the pool for lunchtime! Perfect!

Find the Perfect Accommodation
Marbella seems like an exclusive destination but there are plenty of reasonable accommodation options on this part of the Southern Spanish coast. If you are on a budget, stop in an affordable hotel or go all inclusive to save some euros on dining out. However, if you’re planning on going out a lot (and who wouldn’t in Marbs?), go self-catering. That way you can sample the great restaurants and choose to go for drinks wherever you want!

To be close to the glamorous action, opt for a place near the swanky marina of Puerto Banus. This way you can save a bit of money on taxis from Marbella and all the swanky bars are right on your doorstep. Good value accommodation might be a bit hard to come by in this part of town, but some hotels such as Sisu Boutique Hotel, have swanky apartments which are a good deal if you grab your friends and club together! Who says you can’t have luxury at a great price?

Ready for Part 2?
You’ve booked your flights, figured out where you and your friends want to stay but now you’re wondering what you can get up to in Marbs? Stay tuned for Marbella Holidays Unwrapped: Part 2 where we give you the best tips to make your Marbella holiday more memorable!

By Emma Hart - Marketing Intern at