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March 2017 #HolidayChat Round-Up

It’s the start of a new month and what better way to celebrate such an occasion than with our #HolidayChat!? (Psst, this is the part when you’re supposed to say “there’s no better way!”) We got all Jason Derulo on you this time and March’s discussion was focused on Ridin’ Solo. Thankfully things never threatened to Get Ugly and a frequent response was that when it comes to holidays, you guys just Don’t Wanna Go Home so get a Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle on and catch up with the natter! Mm, Whatcha Say? 

Q1) Have you ever been on a solo adventure? Where did you go?

Our first question of the evening drew a mixed bag of answers, with some of you proudly stating your solo travel veteran status and others classing it as something that’s on the to-do list.

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Rosalilium

March 2017 #HolidayChat - BoopFasfionista

March 2017 #HolidayChat - JessicaEmily101

March 2017 #HolidayChat - FarawayLucy

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Abs0902

Q2) What would be your ideal solo travel destination and why?

City breaks got a lot of loving here but there were also some destinations further afield mentioned as ideal for tackling solo.

March 2017 #HolidayChat - KaraWillow

March 2017 #HolidayChat - WanderingQuinn

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Char

Okay, so things did threaten to Get Ugly at one stage…

March 2017 #HolidayChat - AnnysAdventures

But thankfully the chat quickly reverted back to The Other Side…

March 2017 #HolidayChat - PulpedTravel

Q3) How would you convince someone who is considering ridin’ solo, but perhaps unsure what to expect, to just go ahead & do it? #HolidayChat

Our chatters were full of motivating messages and useful pointers, with a common response being that sometimes one giant leap of faith can get you a long way!

March 2017 #HolidayChat - BeckyBedbug

March 2017 #HolidayChat - ThreeBrits

March 2017 #HolidayChat - CharHole

Oh, and we also kind of added a new employee to our ranks…

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Rhiannon

You’re hired!

Q4) Do you have any fears or reservations about holidaying on your own? #HolidayChat

Language barriers and the fear of getting lost or lonely were the most popular answers to question four. Some people however had more concerns about holidaying in a group; once you’ve tried solo travel, you’ll never go back so it seems!

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Milly

March 2017 #HolidayChat - April

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Leigh

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Charandeep

March 2017 #HolidayChat - NicoleGallagher

Q5) We need your top 3 tips for solo travel GO! #HolidayChat

Purchase phrase books, be prepared to meet new people, plan ahead and trust your instincts! You suggested these handy tips to help make solo travel go down without a hitch…

March 2017 #HolidayChat - JessicaBuck

March 2017 #HolidayChat - HollyQuills

March 2017 #HolidayChat - KirstyLDN

March 2017 #HolidayChat - Irene

Join us on Wednesday 5th April for our next #HolidayChat and let us know in the comments below if you have any topic suggestions!