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May 2017 #HolidayChat Round-Up

You might have heard that we’ve got a bit of an All Inclusive Takeover going on here at HQ, which linked in nicely with our latest #HolidayChat topic. Yep, May’s focus was ‘All Inclusive Holidays’ because we’re a well-oiled, cohesive and efficient machine that delivers subtle marketing messages all over the place when you least expect it.

BOOK YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY! See, real subtle.

Q1) Have you been on an all inclusive holiday before?

Where did you go and what was it like?

We were delighted to see lots of all inclusive veterans amongst you and a number of different destinations received lots of loving. As did food, because stuffing our faces is practically the law when you go all in…

May 2017 #HolidayChat - Asma

May 2017 #HolidayChat - Anny

May 2017 #HolidayChat - GirlGoesTo

May 2017 #HolidayChat - Char

Q2) What would you say are the plus points of an all inclusive break?

The relaxing, hassle-free nature of an all inclusive break were common responses to our second question of the night. Oh, and food…..again!

May 2017 #HolidayChat - HarmonyBlaze

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Anne-Marie

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Rosie Corriette

May 2017 #HolidayChat – LaurenMellor

Q3) Where’s the best all inclusive resort you’ve ever stayed at? What made it so amazing?

Incredible views? Check. Private pool? Check. Friendly staff? Check. Good food?

You know it!

May 2017 #HolidayChat – YorkshireWonders

May 2017 #HolidayChat – CrownWings

May 2017 #HolidayChat – WTMLuggage

May 2017 #HolidayChat – ThreeBrits

Q4) Which destinations or holiday types would you recommend for a top all inclusive trip?

As ever, you guys were full of useful tips. From short haul breaks to places further afield, the recommendations came flooding in and plenty of wanderlust ensued…

May 2017 #HolidayChat – QueenBeady

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Saira

May 2017 #HolidayChat – JessicaBuck

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Faeri

Q5) We love seeing your pictures! Share a snap of an amazing all inclusive hotel or trip you’ve taken.

There’s a reason we love your holiday snaps. In fact, there are four very good reasons right here…

May 2017 #HolidayChat – CharlotteFisher

May 2017 #HolidayChat – VictoriasVintage

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Cassie

May 2017 #HolidayChat – Lolita

Join us on Wednesday 7th June for our next #HolidayChat! Got a topic suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!