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May Day, May Day: The 2020 May Bank Holiday Is Moving

For only the second time in history the first bank holiday of May won’t be on the first Monday of May, in fact it won’t even be on a Monday! So if you’re looking to make the most of your annual leave by taking advantage of the long weekend, you need to keep in mind the date change.

What Is The Actual Date Of The Holiday?

Normally, the first May bank holiday falls on the first Monday of May. However, the first May Bank Holiday of 2020 will not be on Monday 4th May, but instead will be on Friday 8th May. This change only effects the first May bank holiday, the second one remains unchanged.

What Is The Reason For The Change?

In the summer the government announced the change to the bank holiday, which see it moved to 8th May. The change moves the day to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) which was at the end of the WW2 campaign against Nazi Germany. A similar change was made in 1995, to mark the 50th anniversary.

Will This Effect Booking A Holiday?

It won’t make much difference when it comes to planning, and booking a holiday. However, you should keep the date change in mind in order to make the most of your annual leave, and to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the bank holiday… and to avoid the bank holiday traffic!

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