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November 2017 #HolidayChat Round-Up

Pinch, punch, first of the month. No, we’re not going around stealing sips of a fruity-based drink, it’s just our way of welcoming in November with another #HolidayChat over on Twitter. This time, the discussion was all about ‘Autumn Holidays’ because, well, it’s autumn. And people are going on holiday. “Ah autumn holidays, now it all makes sense,” we hear you all exclaim.

We were up all night thinking of that one.

Anyway, read on to catch up with the natter and get a dose of seasonal wanderlust.

Q1) Are you going away this autumn, or perhaps you've just got back?

Where did you go/will you be going? #HolidayChat

There was no lack of end-of-year travels, with plenty of you either recently back from trips away or just about to jet off.

Sounds like an awesome-autumn to us!

Q2) Are there any destinations you'd recommend for an autumn getaway?

Any must-sees or must-dos there? #HolidayChat

The tips arrived in their droves, so if you’ve been struggling for autumn travel inspo, question two has your back…

Q3) What are the advantages of travelling in autumn compared to other seasons of the year? #HolidayChat

The pretty scenery, slightly cooler temperatures and fewer crowds make autumn getaways a popular proposition. That and, well, it’s just another excuse to tick a place or two…or three…or four off the bucket list!

Q4) Describe your perfect autumn holiday. Where would you go, what would you do and what makes it a special time to visit? #HolidayChat

*Warning!* Even more incurable autumn wanderlust alert!

Q5) We love seeing your holiday snaps! Share an image of an awesome autumn trip you either went on or would like to go on. #HolidayChat

Who doesn’t love a good selection of travel pics!? Luckily you guys have all been snappy happy during autumn trips away and rounded off our chat nicely with some stunning shots…

Join us on Wednesday 6th December for our next #HolidayChat and even more travel nostalgia! Got a topic suggestion? Drop a comment below!