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October 2018 #HolidayChat Round-Up

For this month’s #HolidayChat over on Twitter, we decided to celebrate World Food Day a little earlier than its official date, which is 16th October. Travel and food go hand in hand, so it would be rude not to have some foodie holidays discussion, right?

Warning, this post may induce serious food envy…

1) What's your ultimate foodie holiday destination? Which dishes would you recommend trying there?

Of course there were the usual foodie suspects such as Italy and Spain, but also some surprises such as South Africa.

2) What’s the strangest food you’ve had whilst on holiday? Where were you, what was it like and would you try it again?

Prepare to question all things food, and to be shocked! We’ll refrain from adding in the chicken feet or fried caterpillar pictures.

3) When booking a holiday, what’s your preferred board basis choice? Self catering so you can sample the local cuisine, all inclusive so you can stuff your face, half board for a bit of both?

It seems that self catering is the most popular option among travellers, mainly so people can explore the local supermarkets and marvel at the different foods. Is it really a holiday unless you go to the local Spar and buy some Lays?

4) What’s your ultimate traveller's meal? Pick a starter, main, dessert & drink from four different countries! Ours would be:

Starter: Bruschetta from Italy

Main: Tacos from Mexico

Dessert: Waffles from Belgium

Drink: Champagne from France

5) Picture time! Send us a snap of some tasty food you've eaten whilst on holiday and tell us where you were

Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday 17th October 2018 for our next #HolidayChat! Got a topic suggestion? Drop a comment below!

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