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Package Holidays Better Protected Under New Government Laws

Good news! Fresh regulations have been announced by the UK government which will ensure better protection for holidaymakers when booking online package trips. Users of’s price comparison service will benefit directly from this when the rules officially come into force.

Here’s all you need to know…

What exactly are the new measures?

They are a set of guidelines that will ensure more holidays are covered by consumer protection rules. Online booking sites and comparison services have contributed towards a shift in the way travel is booked and resulted in around 50% of trips not currently being financially protected if a company fails for example.

Changes to the Package Travel Regulations will mean more holiday arrangements become packages and these type of breaks benefit from much better legal and financial protection.

How will consumers benefit from this?

Millions of extra holidays will be covered by the fresh guidelines, and the improvement in information provided to travellers at the time of booking will make clear what their rights to entitlement are.

Businesses that put together the package will be accountable for the entire holiday, even if parts are fulfilled by other companies, which will mean operators cannot shirk the responsibility of making sure things go as planned or providing refunds for example.

Are packages found on protected?

Yes – all holiday packages advertised on are ATOL or ABTA protected, meaning your money is always safe and your trip is covered.

You should be sent this confirmation by the operator you book with at the time of booking and contact them directly if there are any issues.

How about if I book aspects of my holiday separately?

These guidelines relate to package holidays, so if you were to book parts of your holiday with different operators or just separately in general (such as flights and hotel), you would not be protected.

Booking a package holidays is the best way to ensure your money is safe.

Why have the new guidelines been implemented?

Quite simply, to give holidaymakers more protection both financially and from a legal point of view and to strengthen the enforcement of consumer rights.

The amount of trips being booked online is increasing and a gap has developed whereby more and more travellers risk potentially losing out on money and legal aid.

Information within the new measures will include requirements for operators to clearly inform consumers of what they are buying and the resultant level of protection they are entitled to.

When does it come into force?

From 1st July 2018, though a full breakdown of the exact regulations is expected beforehand.

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