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Restaurants Worth Travelling The Extra Mile For

Ever had a meal so good you just had to go back, even if you enjoyed it while holidaying on the other side of the world? Restaurants worth travelling the extra mile (or 5,000 miles) really do exist, whether it be for their breathtaking views, themed decor, award-winning menus or simply unusual offering.

That’s why we have made a shortlist of those noteworthy and stand out dining experiences, all of which are most definitely worth the detour on your next trip!

Circus, London

Close to home, this unique and quirky venue is more than ‘just a circus-themed restaurant’. Think cabaret acts on banquet tables, with outstanding performances from talented burlesque dances, fire breathers and more. Complimenting the exhilarating entertainment is a Pan Asian dinner menu created by Andrew Lassetter, known for his experimental cooking, alongside classic cocktails with a twist.

Dinner In The Sky

Found in over 60 countries, this unique dining experience features a table sitting 50 meters above ground and offers meals from breakfast through to wine and cheese evenings (not available in all locations), all freshly cooked in the sky. The unforgettable gastronomy experience has had guest chefs spanning from Heston Blumenthal to Yannic Alleno displaying their artistic flair from great heights!

Buza Bar, Croatia

Situated underneath the city walls of Dubrovnik old town, Buza Bar boasts breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Adriatic Sea. As well as being a great location for swimming, the Jesuit staircase that leads to the Buza Bar was also featured in Game of Thrones as part of Cersei’s infamous ‘Walk of Shame’.

Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant, Tokyo

Let your imagination run wild in this Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. From the moment you walk in (through a gigantic hardcover book, nonetheless) expect outlandish decor, Alice themed hostesses and a themed menu featuring pasta resembling the Cheshire Cat and caterpillar sushi rolls.

Sounds Of Silence, Australia

Set in the Australian outback, this alfresco dining experience combines breathtaking views of Ayers Rock, with a locally produced three-course meal, a didgeridoo performance and a guided tour of the night sky. Recorded in the ‘Australian Tourism Hall of Fame’ since 1999, it is well worth pre-booking due to its popularity.

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