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Ryanair Flights To The USA – Is It Worth It?

Budget airline Ryanair made headlines this week by announcing plans to offer flights between Europe and New York from the humble price of £6. Chairman Michael O’Leary is the first to admit that extra fees will apply for everything from checked baggage to seat reservations, but even so this does seem like a deal too tempting to turn down. However, bearing in mind the extra charges and probable lack of legroom or decent in-flight entertainment, is it actually worth it? Let’s take a look at the numbers…

Let’s assume that your average return flight to New York costs £350. According to Ryanair’s claims, they would be able to fly you to New York for £8, and back for £6, setting you back just £14.

But hang on. For each return journey we also have to add:

• Airport passenger duty: £67
• 15kg checked baggage: £35 each way
• Seat reservations: £5 each way
• A hot meal, hot drink and bottle of water: £10 each way

Once we’re done adding on all these extras, we’re left with a total cost of £181. This isn’t to be sniffed at; it may not be quite as affordable as the £14 boasted by Ryanair, but you’re still making a huge saving of £169 ($282) compared to your average £350 flight.

So what better use could you find for your $282?

• Ticket to Coney Island: $12.95
• A trip to the Statue of Liberty: $18
• Entry to the Metropolitan Museum of Art: $25
• See the view from the top of the Empire State Building: $27
• Matinee ticket to see The Lion King: $135
• 3-course meal + wine at the Four Seasons Hotel: $200

That extra money could go a long way towards making your trip particularly memorable! Alternatively you could pocket the extra cash, take advantage of the free things to do in New York, and put the money towards your next holiday…

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