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Safeguard Your Summer Holiday Happiness

It’s that time of year when the only thing between you and that long awaited annual vacation are those final bits of holiday admin and a plane ride. When packing those aeroplane and holiday health essentials – the check list can go on! Boots UK wants to raise the health and happiness of the nation, so we’ve teamed up with their Pharmacist Angela Chalmers for her top tips for helping you to stay well while you’re up in the air, so you can make the most of that holiday feeling. 

Put your body in holiday mode.

“If you’re flying afar and are subject to jet lag you can minimise the effects by preparing your body before you fly. If you’re travelling East, start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier about four or five days before you travel, and if you’re going West, do the opposite. This will help to get your body clock ready for the change in time, keeping those precious holiday hours protected from feelings of exhaustion. Also remember to set your watch to the time of your destination as soon as you board the plane to get psychologically prepped for the new time zone.”  

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

“Aeroplanes have a much lower humidity compared to the air we’re used to on the ground. The humidity on an aeroplane is usually around 20%1 whereas humidity on the ground tends to be over 40%. This means our bodies are more likely to feel dry and dehydrated. Make a conscious effort to start increasing your water intake whilst on your flight. Always say ‘YES’ to an offer of water from your airhostess even if you don’t feel too thirsty. It will make a world of difference once you land!”

Safeguard your summer holiday happiness - water

Keep moving every hour.

“It’s important to keep the blood flowing on long haul flights as sitting still for hours at a time could increase your risk of DVT. My top tip is to take a look at the inflight magazine, as most will suggest a number of simple exercises that help your blood circulation and invest in flight socks. Most importantly remember to stand up, stretch and walk around at least once every hour.”

Safeguard your summer holiday happiness - moving

Protect from UV on the plane.

"Most windows on planes don’t always block UVA rays, and a higher altitude means stronger ultraviolet rays too. If you’re sitting in the window seat on a daytime flight, ensure you’re protected by packing a handy 100ml sun screen in your carry on to use!”

Safeguard your summer holiday happiness - window

Up, up and away

Don’t forget to jet off this summer with these must-haves;

- Eye mist designed for dry eyes, to soothe and relieve dryness caused from the dry air on the plane.

- To help create comfortable sleeping conditions, relax with a travel pillow and use ear plugs designed for flying to block out noise to help you sleep better but they will also help reduce any discomfort associated with air pressure changes during the flight.

- Don’t forget to pack flight socks to help ensure a safe and comfortable flight. 

- Travel sickness bands which gently apply pressure to the acupressure point on wrists, to help prevent travel sickness. 

- Help keep the germs at bay with an anti-viral hand gel or foam which provides long lasting protection, choose one that is proven to kill 99.9% of a wide range of viruses and harmful bacteria. 

Do you have any more tips for having a comfortable and happy flight? We'd love to hear them! And if you fancy winning a holiday hamper from Boots, just enter our Rafflecopter competition below!

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