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See The Best Of Benidorm From Your Home

We’re continuing our blog content feature which brings you the very best parts of various destinations you can check out during lockdown by focusing on a real UK traveller favourite.

Benidorm has long been popular with British holidaymakers looking for a bit of Spanish sunshine by the sea, though you may be surprised with some of the things you can see and do in this fascinating coastal spot.

We’ve teamed up with our good friends from the local tourist board to show you all the hidden gems Benidorm has to offer.

When one door closes, another opens

Aptly titled during the current lockdown measures, the door to your house may well be shut to the outside world at the moment but, as with most things in life, when one closes another is certain to open.

On this particular occasion it just so happens to be the door to Benidorm’s glorious coastline – what we’d do to be there right about now!

Like what you ‘sea’?

There’s something so gloriously bliss about the sound of the sea waves crashing against the shore. It just screams tranquility and relaxation in a clam and soothing way that is hard to otherwise replicate.

If you’re missing that fix of ‘vitamin sea’, turn up the volume, close your eyes and imagine yourself in Benidorm’s very own slice of holiday heaven.

Watersports & other activities

A key aspect of holidaying for most is being able to relax, destress and enjoy some much needed me-time, though for the more adventurous travellers trips abroad are all about the activities and experiences.

Benidorm is rife with plenty of such opportunities including cable skiing, electric bike rides (with amazing views to boot), scuba diving, beach sports and more. The below video is in Spanish, though you get the idea!

Time-lapse: City by the sea

One of the best things about Benidorm is that, when visiting, you’re in a sizeable Spanish city that’s also located right on the eastern coastline. A great way to experience this holiday spot in all its glory is via this time lapse video uploaded on the Benidorm tourist board’s dreamy Instagram feed.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Dream now & visit soon

This one is perhaps our favourite of them all. A video created for the purposes of showcasing exactly what you can expect during a trip to Benidorm, it was a must for this post.

The guys at the tourist board have been keen to promote their ‘dream now & visit soon’ message during the current lockdown guidelines and after taking a look at this video, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s somewhere you certainly need to be adding to your holiday hitlist.

Have you been visited Benidorm before & will you be returning after the lockdown measures have been lifted? Tweet @icelollyholiday and let us know!