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Spooky Locations Around The World

Do you dare face down ghosts and ghouls in these spooky locations?

Tower of London, Central London

The Tower has a long history of gruesome goings-on, having been used for centuries as a prison and torture chamber for traitors and out-of favour nobility. The ghosts of Anne Boleyn and Henry VI are said to haunt the hallways, and the two sons of Edward IV are said to have been murdered here by their power-hungry uncle.

Tower Of London

Poveglia, Venice

The island of Poveglia enjoys a spectacular location in the Venetian Lagoon, yet it has long been deserted and sold in May 2014 for just £400,000. Why? After being used as a quarantine island for victims of the plague in the late 1700s, a mental asylum was opened there in 1922, where it is said a doctor tortured and killed his patients before eventually committing suicide himself. It’s no wonder the locals believe it’s haunted…

Poveglia Island Venice

Island of the Dolls, Mexico City

An artificial island in Mexico City was transformed into the stuff of nightmares by its previous owner, Julian Santana Barrera, who found a little girl drowned in the canal and hung her doll from a tree in memory. Feeling haunted by her death, he continued to search for dolls and doll parts and hang them around the island to appease her restless spirit.  Barrera drowned in 2001 - in the same canal as the little girl.

Island of Dolls Mexico

Corvin Castle, Transylvania

Corvin Castle has an exceptionally gory history; Vlad the Impaler, often dubbed the ‘real-life Dracula’, indulged his sadistic hobby here, impaling countless victims on the spikes surrounding the castle. It is said he continued his obsession even during his imprisonment after he fell from power, impaling rats he found in his castle cell!


Alcatraz, San Francisco

Alcatraz Island, often known as ‘The Rock’, was once the site of the famous Alcatraz Penitentiary, most famous for being where Al Capone was incarcerated. 14 escape attempts were made from Alcatraz, but none were successful, although the three prisoners involved in the most famous attempt were never caught. It is presumed they drowned in the bay, but some prefer to believe they survived to begin a new life…


By Kate Moxon - Halloween Addict