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Take A Virtual Instagram Tour Of Berlin

With full lockdown now eased somewhat and the various restrictions in place around the world slowly beginning to ease, you may be eyeing up your next holiday. Perhaps you’re a beach fanatic, maybe you’re a cruise enthusiast, or you might be a city slicker looking for your next busy tourist spot to explore.

If that sounds like a bit of you, we think we’ve picked out the perfect city break for a short few days away in Berlin. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the best of the stunning German capital before you travel with these Insta-worthy snaps.

Brandenburg Gate

Arguably the signature attraction for tourists, Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate was bult almost 230 years ago, and still stands tall today, providing the perfect opportunity to take a pretty pic or two. It has often been a site for major historical events in the past and is today thought of as a symbol of the history of Germany, and of European unity and peace.

The area itself does get a little busy, so you may have to wait a while to get that perfect snap, but try to avoid peak times such as the middle of the day by getting there nice and early.

Berlin Wall Memorial

A large part of the history of Germany can be witnessed by visiting the Berlin Wall, which originated in the 1960s when East and West Germany were sealed off from each other. It was torn down in 1989 and now only small stretches remain, though it is still a popular spot for travellers searching for a glimpse at the German past.

There is a museum to visit, as well as a former watchtower now used as a memorial and a dedicated visitor centre as well as guided tours available to take which are often delivered in English.

Berlin Television Tower

Instantly recognisable from a distance due to its sheer size, the Berlin Teleivision Tower stands some 368m high into the skyline, making it the city’s tallest building. The obvious appeal for tourists is the fact visitors can enjoy a unique 360 degree panorama of the city, which will certainly help you get that dreamy photo for your Instagram feed.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, book yourself a reservation at the 207-metre-high revolving restaurant for views of pretty much every corner of the city whilst you fill your tummy.


A staple of many cities across Europe is the stunning squares available for tourists to enjoy, and Berlin is certainly no different. Known to be home to three of the city’s most impressive pieces of architecture, travellers head here for a glimpse of the Concert House and the German and French cathedrals – the Deutscher Dom and the Franzosischer Dom.

Another well-known square is Alexanderplatz, which is home to the World Time Clock and by reading the markings displayed, visitors can see the current time in 148 major cities across the globe.

Checkpoint Charlie

The setting for many movies and spy novels, such as James Bond, Checkpoint Charlie is a reminder of the former border crossing between East and West Germany and gets its name from the NATO phonetic alphabet. Being the third checkpoint opened by the Allies around Berlin, it was named Checkpoint Charlie (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie).

A hugely popular tourist snapping spot, there is an open air exhibition which tells the story of those that both failed and succeeded to escape from East Berlin to the west.

Is Berlin on your travel radar any time soon? Let us know if you know of any other Instagram-worthy photo spots in this beautiful city!

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