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Take a Virtual Instagram tour of Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and, with its central location, is perfectly primed to be an ideal stop if you’re visiting Europe’s highest mountain range. You might think you already know what to expect from this alpine city, but follow this virtual tour & tips and you will find that there’s a whole lot to be surprised by!

With many of us socially isolating at home, and others unable to visit tourist hotspots due to them being on lockdown, it's easy to feel disconnected from the outside world. Luckily, there's still a way to explore the travel destinations you wish to visit and create the best itinerary for your future trip there.

This time, we are taking you to the capital of Switzerland, so keep reading and take notes for your future trip where you could be going very soon!

Old Town

First stop should be at the Old Town. Bern is full of medieval history, and a stroll around the perfectly preserved old town will make you feel like you’re about to step back in time. Along the historical building and the cobbled streets you’ll find a wide range of boutique shops, restaurants, wine bars and other international brands. It’s worth keeping some time free simply just to stroll through the streets.

The Zytglogge Clock Tower Chime

Right in the heart of the Old Town is the famous Zytglogge Clock Tower. The complex mechanism within the clock tower operates the elements of the glockenspiel and it’s mind-blowing to think it works exactly the same as when it was created in 1527. For the best experience take a tour which takes place every day at 2.30pm when you can go up to the top of the Clock Tower to see the inner workings of the mechanism and incredible views of the city!

Einstein Museum

Einstein studied in Zurich and later lived in Bern, where he developed his theory of relativity. There are references to Einstein all around the city, but the Einstein Museum is the highlight. The Einstein Museum takes a permanent residency at the Bern Historical Museum and curates his fascinating life from start to finish. You can also visit the apartment he lived in on the third floor of Kramgasse 49!

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The Cathedral of Bern

The Bern Cathedral is situated in the middle of the old town. Don’t forget to explore the square near the cathedral for another amazing top view.

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