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Take Better Travel Photos With These 6 Top Tips

When travelling to new or exciting places, it’s a given that you will want to capture the stunning scenery, and now we’re in the digital age it’s even easier to do so. A photo is a way to transport yourself back to those amazing places you’ve visited, so you certainly want to snap them as best as you can and how you remember them.

Doing so can be difficult though, especially when you’re taking a shot of a scene and not a person, but worry not, we’ve collected all the best tips for taking better travel photos…

1. Know Your Camera Inside Out

Before you jet away your travels, ensure that you’ve had time to play with your camera/phone and its features. There’s nothing worse than missing the picture-perfect moment as you don’t quite know how to work your camera.

Not only is it advisable to learn how to use your camera, but also under what conditions it doesn’t preform very well – i.e. if it struggles during low light.

2. Avoid Taking Snaps At Midday

Although it might not always be possible to avoid taking photos during the middle of the day, try to do so when you can. The best periods to take your photos are early morning or early evening, when the sun is lower in the sky and not as harsh.

3. Focus On The Framing

When your photos focus on a main subject, it can be easy to forget the perimeter of the photo, i.e. the framing. When looking in your viewfinder or on your screen, make sure that you haven’t missed anything important out of the background or included something that ruins the look of the photo. Framing is key and can really make all the difference in travel photos.

4. Try Different Angles And Perspectives

Once you’ve taken your standard picture try some different shots to experiment. You’ll eventually learn what angles and compositions work, but until then it’s all about experimenting and seeing what works. Try focusing on an item nearer to you in order to give the background a blurred effect (also known as ‘bokeh’). Never stop snapping…

5. Capture The Candid Moments

In the age of selfies, we are so accustomed to taking posed-for photos, yet the most unique images that capture the eye and spark memories are the candid shots. Always keep your camera at the ready and snap your travel buddies when they don’t expect it. Some great times to capture a candid shot are during dinner and drinks, walking in crowds and when they’re looking at a scenic view.

6. Use Bursts

Most cameras and phones now have ‘burst mode’ as a setting, which basically means your camera uses a higher shutter speed and takes several photos all in one quick burst. This is great to use if you’re trying to take an action shot of someone swirling or dancing, as you’ll be able to get several shots quickly and find the most useable one.

Do you have any top tips for taking better photographs when travelling? Let us know by tweeting us at @icelollyholiday!

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