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The 7 Stages of an Ibiza Sunset
Who hasn't heard of the Sunset Strip? Ibiza’s sunsets are famous, and the party resort of San Antonio is well-known for having not only the best clubs, but also some of the best sunset viewing spots. Most people head to the Sunset Strip, where Café Del Mar, Café Mambo and Mint Bar dominate the pavements with long verandas and outdoor seating. The sunset itself is beautiful, but the atmosphere is what makes it a real experience – the bars have a great holiday vibe, and everyone’s there to have a good time! Do you recognise the 7 stages of watching an Ibiza sunset?

Stage 1: Preparation

Preparation is key when planning a sunset viewing. You’ve googled the time of the sunset, planned your whole day around it, and triple-checked that your camera has enough battery and memory space to cope with the hundreds of photos you’re going to take. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of Café Mambo vs Café Del Mar, and arrived an hour in advance to reserve your spot on the Sunset Strip. You’re ready!

Stage 1 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 2: Expectation

You’ve chosen your bar and are eagerly awaiting one of the highlights of your holiday, and you can feel the buzz. Unable to contain your excitement, you sip your mojito and squint out to sea, trying to spot any orange glow or pink flush in the sky that might signal the start of the sunset. It’s still blue skies as far as the eye can see, so you chat to your friends and try to distract yourself.

Stage 2 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 3: Impatience

Your first cocktail is nearly finished, and you’re getting antsy. But nature hurries for no one, so waiting is all there is to do. You order another round, take some sunny photos with your fruit daiquiri, and sit bobbing in your seat, willing the minutes to pass. One of your friends might tell you to stop fidgeting and sit still.

Stage 3 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 4: Excitement

It’s finally here! You see the sun begin to turn orange as it drops low in the sky, and let out a squeal of excitement. This is what you’ve been waiting for, and you’re not going to miss a second. Cocktail and conversation forgotten, you grab for your camera and start snapping away. Chill out, you’ve got plenty of time…

Stage 4 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 5: Amazement

Suddenly, you pause. Your camera-wielding arm drops to your side. You’re overcome by the atmosphere of the Strip, and for a while you just stand, photos forgotten, and watch with your own eyes instead of through your camera lens or smartphone screen. This is one of Spain’s most beautiful and famous sights, and it is truly spectacular. Appreciate the moment!

Stage 5 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 6: The Ibiza High

The sun is hovering just above the horizon, colouring the sky amazing shades of orange, yellow, pink and red that reflect into the sea. The Sunset Strip is filled with people, and you join them to secure the perfect snap for your next Facebook profile picture. Café Mambo is blasting out Nessum Dorma, which comes to its climax just as the sun slips below the horizon, and everyone claps and cheers like it’s a Ryanair early arrival.

Stage 6 of Ibiza Sunset

Stage 7: The Aftermath

The whole Strip is buzzing with energy; there’s no way anybody could drag themselves away from this. Dinner time has rolled around, and everyone’s settling back down with food menus, chatting excitedly about the spectacle they’ve just witnessed. You happily join them, browsing the menu for your favourite pizza or pasta dish.  You need some food fuel before the DJs arrive to start the party….

Stage 6 of Ibiza Sunset

By Kate Moxon - Watching the sunset from Cafe Mambo