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The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes In Travel 2019

Love it or hate it, April Fool’s Day is celebrated all over the globe so it’s no surprise that travel brands were keen to get in on the action and try to fool their customers. Read on to see which of their playful jokes impressed us the most…

Taking inspiration from our top ten destinations, we claimed to launch a delicious range of savoury ‘icelollies’, with flavours ranging from Italian Bolognese Biscotti to Turkish Doner Delight. It was always going to be a winner in our book!

Royal Caribbean International

The cruise brand teased customers with the supposed launch of their cloud-class airplane, Master of the Skies, which was set to come complete with copious amounts of leg room (a definite give-away), robotic bartenders, and slides.

On The Beach

Modelled by Gemma Collins, a bespoke swimsuit featuring solar panels so that wearers can charge their phones, and speakers in the bra cups so that they can enjoy the best summer tunes, was mocked up to fool On The Beach customers.


The airline announced plans for a chauffeur-less drone service that would transport passengers in Dubai to and from the local airport in fully enclosed first-class private suites. Nice try, Emirates!

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