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The Best Bird's Eye Views On Instagram

That feeling when you check in at the airport and find out you’ve got the window seat on the plane. That has to be one of the best starts to a holiday, doesn’t it? Not only do you have somewhere to rest your head if you get sleepy but you also get to see incredible aerial views of beautiful destinations. Just in case you don't get the window seat, we’ve been having a stalk and we’ve found 7 of the best bird's eye views on Instagram.


Hawaii on Instagram by @elsewhereandco

via @elsewhereandco

Hong Kong

Hong Kong in Instagram by @klamxkx

via @klamxkx

Los Angeles

Los Angeles on Instagram by @flightattendantsource

via @flightattendantsource


Malta on Instagram by @triinaaa

via @triinaaa_


Miami on Instagram by @jetsetsarah

via @jetsetsarah

New York City

New York on Instagram by @tyson_taylor

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London on Instagram by @katyharris13

via @katyharris13

Which bird's eye view would you most like to see?

By Emma Hart – Checking out NYC from above.