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The Best Holiday Destinations In Europe For Foodies

One of the best things about jetting away on holiday is being able to sample all the local delicacies on offer in the destination you are visiting. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something savoury, you’re simply spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying your taste buds around Europe thanks to the array of options that hail from the continent.

In truth there are a whole host of options we could have highlighted here, but with World Food Day coming up soon, we’ve picked out our top five European countries for food-lovers that love nothing more than getting their fill of scrumptious treats during trips abroad. Read on to find out which spots make the cut!


There’s a good reason why Italian cuisine is enjoyed in many countries all around the world – because it’s absolutely delicious – and with a huge choice of fabulous cities just waiting to be explored, you’ve every reason to book yourself an Italian adventure. The modern birthplace of both pizza and lasagne is Naples, so you can be sure to be able to sample a slice of cheesy delight in this area of southwestern Italy, whilst other popular dishes include, of course, pasta and risotto.

Ice cream lovers will love the incredible gelato available throughout the country, and don’t forget to try a little tiramisu for the true Italian holiday experience, all of which can be washed down with a local wine or beer such as Peroni or Moretti.


Greek food is becoming more and more readily available in other countries around Europe, with dedicated restaurants popping up everywhere you look – though of course you need to actually take a trip to Greece for the true authentic taste. Some of the most popular dishes include moussaka, stifado (Greek beef stew), soutzoukakia (Greek meatballs) and pastitsio (Greece’s answer to lasagne). Feta cheese also originates from the country and is absolutely delicious, whilst the most common type of desserts include melomakrona, kourabiedes and diples.

Mythos and Fix are two of the most commonly drunk beers, whilst Ouzo is considered the national drink of the country and is an intriguing mixture of alcohol and aromatic herbs.


Brits have been holidaying in Spain for many a year, and whilst many may look to taste foods considered more ‘home comforts’, you’d be truly missing out if you didn’t try some of the delicious local delicacies on offer. One of the most commonly eaten dishes in the whole of Spain is paella, which originates from Valencia and other rice-growing areas on the country’s Mediterranean coast, and is usually accompanied with either meat or seafood.

Tapas is, of course, also very popular – make sure you try Spanish omelette, patatas bravas, cured ham and anything chorizo-based for the true experience, and any meal is well finished off with a churro or two, which is made from fried dough and often served alongside warm chocolate sauce.

Spanish wine is well known for its quality, whilst the country also excels when it comes to beer, with Estrella, Mahou, San Miguel and Madri all commonly available throughout the country.


Often referred to as the national food of Belgium, you simply have to try a plate of Belgian fries during any trip to the country, the making of which involves a two-step frying process to perfect the inner and outer crunchiness and softness.

But it’s the dessert menu where Belgium really comes into its own. Have you even been to Belgium if you haven’t popped into an authentic Belgian waffle house? These brioche bread dough mixed with pearl sugar treats are often paired with chocolate sauce and certain to satisfy any sweet tooth, and don’t forget to sample mattentaart or stofe for an alternative local desert experience.

Belgian beer is famous for its refreshing taste, or for a non-alcoholic tipple, try frutonic (a juice-like soft drink) or cecemel (flavoured milk).


You can’t think about German food without your mind turning to the huge array of mouth-watering snacks readily available at authentic Christmas markets, lots of which pop up around the UK in the run up to December 25th. Wrap your chops around a juicy hot dog, or try a scoop of bratwurst, which is essentially chopped up sausage in a tangy curry sauce, whilst schnitzel and sauerbraten are also commonly eaten.

Some of the most popular German desserts include donauwelle (a traditional sheet cake prepared with sour cherries, buttercream, cocoa and layered batter) and Fasnacht (fried doughnut), and no German holiday is complete without sinking a stein of beer. Local beers include Pils, Becks and Erdinger.

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