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The Cool New Cruise Trend You Really Need To Know About

Cruise breaks are becoming more and more popular for holidaymakers looking to combine their love of relaxation with exploring multiple new destinations all in the same trip. But are you aware of the new trend that is making sea-travel enthusiasts adore this type of getaway even further?

Let’s just say that if you weren’t a fan of these kind of adventures before, you certainly will be now!

What is this new cruise trend we need to know about?

You’ve heard of cruises sailing to dreamy islands around the world, but have you heard of said cruise ships journeying to their very own private island? That’s exactly what some trips to the seas can now entail as liners look to make the experience offered to their guests even more amazing.

Set to encompass pristine beaches, water sport activities for the adrenaline junkies and dreamy views aplenty, all forms of holiday-goer are catered for.

Sounds incredible! Which cruise liners have announced plans to do this?

Both MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean recently revealed details of their intentions to open private islands to customers, with MSC chief executive Gianni Onorato commenting that the plans will give guests a ‘ticket to paradise’. The company will offer cruisers the chance to enjoy eight beaches, an Aurea Spa and lectures on the coral life around the island, as well as films under the starts with golden sands between their feet.

RCCL meanwhile are set to open five private islands over the next five years, featuring the tallest waterslide in North America, an opportunity to snap shots from 450 feet up in a helium balloon and sip drinks at the swim-up bar.

Why are they doing it?

It’s believed the companies want to focus on offering something different to their guests, acquiring land in lush holiday spots around the world and really making it their own.

In an increasingly popular market, brands are looking to stand out from the rest and ensure the best possible experience for customers, whether they be first-time cruisers or long-time enthusiasts.

Where are the islands?

MSC will be opening ‘Ocean Cay’ to their passengers, which is situated roughly 20 miles from the Bahamas and 65 miles off the coast of Miami, with every Caribbean itinerary sailing out of the latter calling at the new private island. CEO Onorato has also stated his desire to open an island in the Mediterranean, though current stumbling blocks include the need to find somewhere that could be open year-round and the only location to provide such need being currently out of bounds.

Royal Caribbean meanwhile are set to open their ‘Perfect Day at CocoCay’ offering in the Bahamas this May, with plans in place to launch two more offerings in Asia, as well as one off the coast of Australia and another in the Caribbean.

Are other cruise companies likely to follow suit?

Many liners already have their own private islands in order to provide something different to consumers and try to elevate themselves above the rest of the competition. This includes Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line amongst others, with all indications suggesting companies will only persevere to open more and more as time goes on.

Okay, I’m sold! How can I book my next cruise trip?

So, whether you’re an experienced, intermittent or novice cruise traveller, details of these private islands will no doubt have left you craving a trip to the seas. But perhaps you’re wondering where to go to be able to compare the very best offers available, all in the same place?

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