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The Most Clichéd Holiday Photos

We’re all guilty of it, the hot dog legs, the group selfie, taking that envy inducing picture of your feet in golden sand… Yep, clichéd holiday photos litter our Facebook feeds during the summer but which ones are you guilty of taking?

The plane window shot…

cliche holiday photos-plane window

Because that view is just the best.

Jumping in the air…

cliche holiday photos-jumping in the air

Yes, being on holiday is just this AWESOME.

Writing your name or holiday destination in the sand…

cliche holiday photos-writing in the sand

Other than sunbathing, this is the only thing to do at the beach.

Drinks at the airport…

cliche holiday photos-drinks at the airport

There are worse ways to start a holiday!

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Feet in the sand…

cliche holiday photos-feet in the sand

Just because it’s the perfect way to make your friends back home jealous.

Taking a group selfie…

cliche holiday photos-group selfie

Hey guys, wish you were here!

Cocktails by the pool…

cliche holiday photos-cocktails by the pool

Living the dream.

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And hot dog legs…

cliche holiday photos-hot dog legs

Hot dogs or legs? Seriously. Hot dogs, or legs?

By Emma Hart – Hot dogs or legs. I have no idea.