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The Most Instagrammable Food From Around The World

We’re all a little guilty of snapping pictures of our food before we tuck in – come on, admit it. With so many quirky and Instagrammable eateries popping up across the globe, it’s now even harder to avoid grabbing your phone and taking photos. Restaurants and street food vendors have realised this and are taking full advantage; meaning there’s always some new awe-inspiring food to search out and snap…

1. Doughnut Time In London

There’s always time for doughnuts, especially when they look this yummy. From simple classics to over the top sugary decorated doughnuts, there’s something for everyone (and every Instagram theme).

2. Yum Cha In Hong Kong

It’s not all about the sweet treats – even savoury foods look spectacular, especially when you add some googly eyes to them. Yum Cha serves Dim Sum and other Chinese dishes, just with a more playful look to them, which is perfect for the ‘gram.

3. Taiyaki In New York

Fish-shaped cakes that taste like waffles, stuffed with soft serve ice cream? Count us in. Taiyaki serves up cute, and sugary, treats that make the perfect Instagram pic against a New York backdrop.

4. La Maison Laudree In Paris

From cute interiors, candy carts and tasty colourful macarons, Laudree has it all. A box filled with pastel coloured treats to snap, share and snack on isn’t just the only draw of Laudree, it’s an institution in Paris.

5. Eggloo In New York

Another sugar overdose in the form of giant waffle cones filled with sweet treats. These delicious snacks originally hail from Hong Kong where they’re known as Gai Daan Zai. They have now made their way overseas, so if you can’t get to Hong Kong to try them, there’s always Eggloo’s in New York.

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