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The Top-Rated Attractions You Can Visit From Your Own Home

With social distancing coming into full effect, it's easy to feel disconnected from the outside world. Luckily, we've hand-picked some of our favourite attractions you can visit from the comfort of your sofa. So, put your best slipper socks on and get ready to tick a couple of world-wonders off your bucket list. Who knew social isolation could be so productive? Note to self: virtual tours don't count towards your daily steps or new at-home workout.

Experience Nature

Get your fresh-air fix with a trip to Yosemite National Park. This interactive, virtual tour, features over 200 high-resolution panoramas of Yosemite and the surrounding areas of Northern California. Prepare to lose yourself in an internet wormhole. Audio tracks and caption information enhance the user experience. Virtual Yosemite boasts interrupted views; to all the short people out there, your moment in the sun has come. Take in the beautiful scenery on a large screen or television.

Become a culture vulture

Are you craving a dose of culture? With theatres, cafes and museums now closed, do you have a hole in your life that Netflix just can't fill? Head over to the Vatican Museums and immerse yourself in the wonders of art. There are seven virtual tours on offer, and with no queues, you'll have plenty of time to experience them all. We recommend starting at the Sistine Chapel; Michelangelo's famous fresco ceiling is guaranteed to impress!

Witness a world wonder

Travel to distant lands without leaving your living room, with AirPano. The project has amassed 3,000 panoramas of over 300 famous places across the globe, including the Great Wall of China and Iguazu Falls. So, why not journey to India and visit the iconic Taj Mahal. You'll have the place to yourself and can admire the white marble structure from multiple vantage points - all without the dreaded 4am wake up call!

Head to the animal kingdom

Animal lovers rejoice! The zoos and aquariums may be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't still see the wildlife inside and get your daily fix of cuteness. Thanks to cameras set up in various enclosures around the world, including in the giraffe, koala, panda, tiger and penguin areas, you can watch the animals via live stream and see what they are up to in real time.

Travel back in time

Ever wish you could go back in time and see an exhibition you never got round to seeing? Here's your chance... Google Arts & Culture are featuring six now-closed exhibitions that you can still visit in street view. Take a stroll across Lake Iseo in Italy or immerse yourself in the largest gallery of street artists and graffiti artists ever assembled, all without stepping outside your house.

There's no place like home

If, like me, you are bored of staring at your own four walls, take the This is Home virtual tour, to discover someone else's. This engaging tour allows you to visit traditional homes in far-flung regions and learn about the diverse cultures behind each one. The homes are digitally preserved through Google Street View. 360-degree imagery brings compelling stories to life.

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