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The Top Travel Apps You Need This Summer

We’re all pretty tech savvy today – no longer do we take guide books on holiday or translation guides to figure out the local language, everything is done digitally these days. To make life that little bit easier on your holiday, we’ve picked out the top travel apps that you need this summer!

Google Translate

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant, looked at the menu and thought, “I do not understand one word of this”? Well, with Google Translate, you’ll never be in that situation again. This app helps translate over 80 languages and can be used offline once your preferred language pack has been downloaded. The clever thing with this app is, not only can you type a word into the app but you can speak a phrase into your phone or even take an image of the word you want translated! You’ll never have to guess what you’re ordering from the menu ever again!

Pack Point

If you’re a serial over-packer, then Pack Point is the app for you! All you need to do with this app is answer a few simple questions about where you’re going, what date you’re travelling and if you plan on doing any activities while you’re away. Pack Point will then create a custom packing list according the weather and how long you’re going away for! You’ll have everything you need for your holiday plus it’s less likely you’ll have overweight luggage at the airport!

Wi-Fi Finder

Unless you’re on a digital detox, being connected to Wi-Fi is pretty much a necessity on holiday – especially if you want to avoid those horrible data roaming bills abroad! The only thing is, when you’re on holiday it can be difficult to find the Wi-Fi to update your friends about the amazing holiday you’re having. Download the maps of your destination before you go away and use offline to hunt down that elusive Wi-Fi!

City Mapper

If you’re visiting one of the world’s major cities on your holiday, sometimes the easiest and cheapest way to get out and about is to use public transport. However, using the local trains or buses can be difficult to figure out. That’s where City Mapper comes in. This app covers 14 cities all over the world and helps you figure out how to get from Point A to Point B with minimal effort. It also tells you how much the journey will cost which is a bonus if you’re on a budget! City Mapper is also set up for the future with catapult and teleportation being choices of transportation.  Amazing!


If you’ve ever lost your family and friends at a festival, on the beach or anywhere on holiday, you’ll know how had it can be to find them again.  Well, you no longer have to exchange text messages stating “I’m next to the burger stand” or “I’m with the umbrella on the beach”. What3Words lets you state your location by attaching where you are to 3 unique words. So next time, all you need to do when you can’t see your friends on the beach is type salsa.units.upstairs and your friends will be able to find you just like that!


So, you know how everyone just LOVES Instagram and all the beautiful images? Well Hyperlapse is the next new thing but for time-lapse videos! This beautiful app turns video into high-speed so you can show your friends back home that beautiful sunset you watched one evening in Ibiza in less than 10 seconds!


Here’s one for the kids. We all know how tedious long journeys can be and for kids, the journey seems to be 10 times as long as it really is. A great way to pass the time – as well as playing good old I Spy – is to download MeComics, a digital comic book collection with comics from Disney, My Little Pony and more! Kids can also record their own voice narration to make the app a more interactive experience.


Of course a travel app list for summer 2015 isn’t complete without a good music app. Still one of the nation’s favourites is Spotify where users can listen to music form a selection of over 30million songs. You can either listen to the music for free or pay for the premium version to listen to no ads. Perfect for those long flights or lazy days by the beach!

By Emma Hart – Figuring out the menu in Lloret de Mar.