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Top 10 packing tips
Not long until your next holiday? Then let’s get packing with the top 10 packing tips.

1. Forget the ironing you're on holiday! When placing your clothes into your suitcase – neatly “roll”, don’t fold. With “rolling” you won’t get as many set creases and clothes will easily shake out when you unpack. Your holiday items will also bundle tighter together and won’t move around so much during the journey.

2. Did you pack it yourself? Your luggage will be automatically scanned at the airport, however just in case an official wants to take a closer look in your suitcase – pack shoes, electronics and toiletries near the top of your case. This way they won’t need to root through and destroy all your lovely packing.

3. Take charge on holiday! Tuck phone chargers & foreign adapters into your closed toe shoes and seal with a rolled up sock. Alternatively if you don’t plan on taking any pumps – pack these items into your beach bag.

4. Easy access all the way! Lay out your favourite swimwear on the top of your rolled clothes – so you can whip it on as soon as you get checked into your room.

5. Dirty knickers look good in black! Pack a black bin bag for sticking your dirty laundry in, then on the last day of your holiday you can simply plonk it straight into your suitcase.

6. Have you got a body in there? Weigh your suitcase on your bathroom scales. Airlines have very strict baggage allowances and you don’t want to have to pay the expensive excess luggage charge.

7. Do you really need to take that? Don’t pack too much and travel light. Mix and match your outfits - celebrity style!

8. Empty nest? When flying out don’t let your suitcase advertise to strangers your home is going to be empty. Therefore complete the luggage tag with either your work or email address.

9. What a carry on. To keep the airport security guards happy with your hand luggage, do not travel with more than the allocated 100ml fluid allowance in your “carry on” and keep any toiletries or medication in a clear plastic bag.

10. Haven’t we met before? Know your suitcase - so you can spot it straight away on the carousel and you don’t accidentally take someone else’s case.

Have you got any top tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

By Lindsey Cowgill - Marketing Executive at