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Top Books To Read On Your 2020 Summer Holiday

With World Book Day, a whole 24 hours dedicated to an appreciation for literature, on the horizon, we got to thinking about how holidays are a great time (and setting) to reignite your passion for reading. Whether you're into romance, thrillers, horror or books based on true stories, there's bound to be an author you can’t refuse.

So in honour of this, we're bringing you our most recent recommendations for the best holiday reads, all of which we have read ourselves and can fully vouch for.

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

For the past fortnight, popular Netflix show Love is Blind has been showcasing how people can form a bond without having seen each other. This book takes the concept to the next level. Written from two points of view, this book is a light-hearted piece of contemporary fiction. The story follows the lives of two characters who come to a unique arrangement whereby they share a one-bed flat, with conflicting work schedules ensuring they're only using the accommodation at opposing times. Expect themes of romance, obsession, ambition and more.

Believe Me by JP Delaney

A dark, twisty psychological thriller that places an aspiring actor in the deadliest role of her life, all in the name of securing a green card to live and work in New York legitimately. Expect to be gripped instantly and taken for a ride by the utterly unreliable narrator that will shock you and keep satisfyingly wrong-footing you until the very last page.

The Stand by Stephen King

With a new television series adaption of this epic on the cards for late 2020, now is the time to remind yourself about King’s vision of a country decimated by plague, with survivors embroiled in a battle between good and evil. Think Lord of the Rings, but set in the United States, or at least that's how the author himself describes this novel.

The Woman In The Window by Aj Finn

This psychological thriller is yet another book being made into a film in 2020, with Amy Adams starring as the protagonist. It tells the fictional story of a seemingly estranged agoraphobe who spends her days drinking and spying on her neighbours. One day, she sees something she shouldn't have, or does she? This unreliable narrator will have you sharing in her increasing alarm and helplessness and unable to put the book down.

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

This eagerly anticipated sequel opens 15 years after the end of The Handmaid's Tale, completely leapfrogging the dystopian television series. The book gives the accounts of three radically different women from Gilead whose lives intertwine with potentially explosive consequences.

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