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Travel Currency Hacks – Get More For Your Money With WeSwap!

So you’ve booked a holiday, perhaps pushed a few pennies around to do so, and are now looking for ways to drive down the cost of the rest of your trip. Purchasing travel currency to spend abroad is a necessity you can’t avoid, but luckily with WeSwap you can quite easily get more for your money, as well as taking advantage of numerous other benefits.

Any users who join WeSwap today can also enjoy £10 free travel money when you load £50 or more. Details here.

What WeSwap do…

Allowing users to save up to 90% vs banks & bureaux, WeSwap have built a global travel card, accepted worldwide, & a super-simple mobile app with heaps of plus points that help holidaymakers enjoy more for their money.

Sounds good! But how exactly does it work?

Upon receiving your WeSwap card, simply load it up securely with cash from your debit card and get spending around the globe in any currency - or swap before you go to ensure the best possible rates! You can then enjoy using your contactless WeSwap Mastercard around the globe on all the holiday essentials, from pizza and sangria to lilos and emergency sun cream.

I’m a bit of a travel fanatic - is a WeSwap card really for me?

Rest assured, your card can be used anywhere around the world and also lets you store up to 18 currencies, so whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveller, WeSwap have you covered.

I’m sold, but it’s still usually pretty good to have some cash handy…

Don’t fret! With WeSwap, you can also order cash to make sure you have some physical notes in your pocket. All major currencies are available at great rates, and you don’t even have to pay for home delivery.

How about if I have money left on my card after going away?

Your money will be safely stored there until you need it again. Alternatively you can swap it to another currency anytime, or change it back to sterling for use back on home soil.

Remember, you can get £10 in free travel money on your WeSwap card when you load £50 or more today! More info here.