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TV Shows That Make You Want To Go On Holiday

We all know that one film that makes us want to jet away on the next flight to sunny shores. But what about the TV Shows that make you want to go on holiday? There are plenty of beautiful destinations on the smaller screens that have us reaching for our phone, calling up and booking the next flight to wherever! And here are a few of our favourites!

Ibiza Weekender

If you needed yet another reason (ahem, excuse) to head out to the White Isle this summer then Ibiza Weekender is that reason. If you want a holiday filled with partying, drinking and dancing the night away before recovering on the beach the next day then this show will make you want to go on holiday ASAP!

TV show locations-Ibiza

TOWIE In Marbella

Champagne spray parties, the luxurious nights out and head to toe in the latest fashion, the TOWIE crew certainly know how to take a holiday. One of their favourite spots for a summer get away is the Spanish destination of Marbella with its beautiful beaches and famous nightlife! No wonder the TOWIE gang like going there so much and we bet you will too!

TV show locations-Marbella

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They may not have ended up on a mysterious island in the South Pacific under the best of circumstances but those characters in Lost sure picked a great destination to get stranded in. The show was actually filmed on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, where the outdoor lifestyle, gorgeous beaches and laidback vibe make it look like a very tempting holiday destination!

TV show locations-Lost


We can’t promise the wacky cast of Benidorm will be there on your holiday to this favourite Spanish resort however there most definitely will be a lot of fun in the sun if you jet off to Benidorm! Stay at the Sol Pelicanos Ocas hotel in the Levante area of Benidorm and you’ll get to see where the TV show is filmed. Not many people can say they’ve stayed at a real life TV set can they?

TV show locations-Benidorm

Made in Chelsea in New York

Now the Made in Chelsea cast might be a load of rich kids, gallivanting across the world but that doesn’t make us want to go to New York any less. As the cast picnic in Central Park, enjoy drinks in a rooftop bar and eat brunch in a Manhattan café, we can’t help but wish we were there too!

TV show locations-New York

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Death in Paradise

The fact that this show is a light-hearted, crime drama does nothing to put us off wanting to visit where Death in Paradise is filmed. The show is set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie but in real life Guadeloupe is the tropical paradise where the beaches are picture perfect and the sea breeze ruffles your hair as you sit in the sun. Now, we're not sure whether it’s those beautiful scenes in Death in Paradise that make us want to jet off to this Caribbean island or the fact that it’s still quite chilly outside . It’s probably a bit of both to be honest…

TV show locations-Death in paradise

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