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Watching the World Cup Abroad: Spain

Will you be watching the World Cup in Spain this summer? Embarrassed by England’s woeful prospects? Wish that you could join in with the locals and support a team that actually has a decent chance? Don’t worry Icelolly have got you covered. Try these handy tips to help disguise yourself as a ‘Tiki-Taka’ aficionado on your Spanish break. 

1. Learn the lingo

Due to the quality of the current Spanish side you probably won’t have much to moan about watching ‘La Roja’ this summer.Still, it’s worth learning a few phrases so you can join in with the backslapping as the Spanish team inevitably cruise through the rounds in Brazil.

This is too easy!

¡Esto está chupado! 

Passes it. Passes it. Passes it. Passes it again. Beautiful football!

La pasa. La pasa. La pasa. La vuelve a pasar.¡Qué espectáculo! 

Wow Fernando Torres has actually scored!

¡Guau! ¡Fernando Torres ha marcado! ¡En serio! 

2. Show off your football trivia

In recent years Spain have become one of the most feared teams in international football. Their unique style of quick passing and hard-pressing football has led them to two successive European championships and their first ever World Cup in 2010.

However there have been darker days for Spanish football. If you really want to impress your Spanish hosts you’ll have to prove that you are no fair weather glory fan. As any well-travelled Brit will know, the best way to overcome the language barrier and win the respect of foreigners is to list obscure retired footballers from their country. One key name to remember on your travels is the legendary José Antonio Camacho, who shone as Spain hacked and hoofed their way through the late 70s and 80s.

Name: José Antonio Camacho

Born: 08/06/1955

Nickname: None. No nonsense Left Backs don’t need your fancy nicknames.

Clubs: Albacete, Castilla, Real Madrid

International caps: 81

Need to know: Galloping full back known for his speed, stamina, iron shins and remarkable longevity.

What to mention: His 414 appearances for Real Madrid. His long-standing appearance record for Spain. His defiance of a severe head injury in the 1986 World Cup (A heavily bandaged Camacho played on despite Northern Ireland’s Colin Clarke attempting some ill-advised on-pitch brain surgery with his heel studs.) Think of him as a Spanish Terry Butcher.

What not to mention: Euro ’84. Camacho and his plucky Spanish side came tantalisingly close to winning their first tournament in 20 years only to slump to a 2-0 defeat to fierce rivals France.

3. World Cup history

The current Spanish side will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever play the beautiful game. Although if you really want to show off your knowledge of the boys in red, you’ll have to take a trip back 64 years to the last time the World Cup came to Brazil’s sunny shores.

Spain topped a ‘group of death’ featuring the heavyweights of England and Chile along with a famously gutsy USA side. The Spanish team went on to achieve a creditable fourth place, even drawing 2-2 with the eventual winners Uruguay along the way.

If this crucial historical knowledge fails to impress anyone under the age of 80, just mention “South Africa 2010” and you’ll be the life of the fiesta before you know it. 

4. Eat and drink like a local

Tapas is one of the best mid-footy snacks the world has to offer. The handy bite-size skewers of meat, cheese and pickled veg are the perfect way to satisfy your hunger without taking your eyes off the game. Readily available everywhere from fancy restaurants to rowdy sports bars, tapas is the versatile midfielder at the heart of Spanish cuisine. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety of tapas on offer why not check out our handy guide to help you hack your tapas menu.

The Spanish love their beer, though the measures are usually much smaller than in the UK. If you want something closer to a pint you’ll have to order a ‘Jarra’ or ‘Tanque’. Somewhat confusingly, in some bars a ‘Jarra’ means a large jug that will be served with several glasses. Oh well, the more the merrier!

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By Mark Pollock - World Cup Addict / Technically Gifted Number 10