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What The Travel Industry Is Doing To Keep You Safe On Holiday

Following the recent announcements from various airlines and travel agents that holidays are to resume, followed by the easing of lockdown measures on these shores, more and more people are getting ready to jet away overseas for a much-needed break.

The government also revealed last week that people returning from a set list of countries would not need to self-isolate for 14 days when arriving back home, as had been the case previously.

If you’re eyeing up a post-lockdown trip and looking to find out what is being done to keep you safe, read on below for a few of the measures that have been put in place.

Use Of Face Masks

As with shopping at your local supermarket and the like, travellers will be expected to wear face masks when at the airport and flying. Staff at your departure and arrival airport as well as cabin crew will also be wearing one, with everyone doing their bit to keep each other safe.

Rules regarding the use of face masks can differ depending on the country you’re visiting, so it’s best to check before you travel, though you should expect to see workers and public with them when abroad, and always carry one with you.

On The Plane

As mentioned, all staff on board your flight will be wearing face masks, and you will be expected to follow suit too, whilst airlines are making steps to limit contact as much as possible. Planes will be thoroughly sanitised each day, often with HEPA filters, which keeps the air fresh by removing an estimated 99.97% of bacteria in minutes.

Remember to arrive for your flight a little earlier than normal to allow time for the safety procedures to be followed and check the guidelines for your chosen destination before travelling so you know what to expect.

Social Distancing At Airports

Social distancing rules will be enforced in airports - including at the check in desk, duty free, whilst enjoying your pre-flight pint and when boarding. In fact, some airlines have suggested passengers will be asked to board in smaller groups to ensure distancing can be maintained, so you should expect the process to take a little longer, but it’s all in the name of safety.

Keep an eye out for all the safety instructions seen throughout the airport you’re flying from – a little space goes a long way.

Changes At Hotel Check In

Once you’ve landed, contact free check in will be available at the majority of hotels, whilst contact free payments will also be encouraged. Try to avoid paying in cash if you can.

You’ll probably find you’ll have the option at some places to check in online beforehand to avoid contact with employees upon arrival, whilst social distancing will be in place too.

Rooms & Cleaning

Each hotel will have its own rules and regulations in place so it’s always advisable to check the exact ones in place for your chosen accommodation, however many have announced thorough cleaning will regularly take place and always when you are not in the room.

It is also thought that many hotels will remove any non-essential items such as kettles and cushions, whilst santiser will be able throughout your hotel to ensure regular hand cleaning is undertaken.

Social Distancing At Beaches & Other Public Facilities

As will be apparent in all aspects of your trip, where possible, social distancing is likely to be enforced at places like the beach when on holiday. Some resorts have announced sun loungers will be immovable or sun bathing spaces with be roped off to ensure holidaymakers don’t accidently breach the distancing rules.

Other public facilities like shops, supermarkets and restaurants are also likely to ask you to follow these guidelines, just like over here.

Swimming Pools

It’s possible there may be a limit as to the amount of people allowed in the pool at any one time, and you may have to book a dedicated slot beforehand. Activities organised by your hotel’s entertainment team will also likely take place outside in the fresh air and in smaller groups, but just remember, it’s all to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Comprehensive Training For Employees

Above all, you can expect any staff members you come into contact with at the airport you’re flying from or to, working for the airline you’re flying with or at the hotel you’ll be staying at to be fully and comprehensively trained to deal with you safely.

These have been unprecedented times, but all within the travel industry are determined to keep you safe and will be taking all necessary precautions to do so. If you have any other concerns to that point, contact the travel agent you booked with, the airline you’re flying with or the hotel you’ll be staying at and their friendly teams will be more than happy to assist.