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What We’ve Been Reading: February 2017

Welcome to’s February round-up of the best travel advice and most exciting news from around the internet. This month we’ve been enjoying some really inspiring guides to our favourite places, having a giggle at some of the most ridiculous reasons for flight delays, and feeling slightly put out that there will soon be dogs and cats who have a more comfortable airport experience than us. Curious? All the news is right here…

The Best Ruin Bars in Budapest

This cracking guide to the ruin pubs of Budapest comes from Dave at Man Vs Globe, who picked the brain of his walking tour guide to find out which are the best according to a local. Ruin pubs are a staple of Budapest’s nightlife scene, bars and clubs that are hosted in rundown buildings and decorated with mismatch furniture, graffiti and local art rather than undergoing a renovation. Dave gives a great summary of the best ruin bars, complete with fantastic photos.

Bizarre Reasons for Flight Delays

The Express covered a study this month that explores the strangest reasons for flight delays based on compensation claims from passengers; there are some truly weird stories and a few that are just plain shocking. An electrical fault caused by spilt orange juice and an engineer being called to conduct safety checks after a bat flew into the plane are among the most bizarre, but we wouldn’t like to be among the passengers who had to sit out a 6-hour flight with a smelly toilet.

You Voted, I’m Going! It’s Almost Time to Fly to Copenhagen

We love this daring idea from Jessica of putting your holiday in someone else’s hands! She couldn’t quite decide where to go on her first trip of 2017, so in January she narrowed it down to four options and ran a Twitter poll to let her followers decide where she would be flying off to. Copenhagen beat second place Vienna by a small margin, taking 33% of the votes, so off she went. She’s back now, so you can see what she got up toon her Instagram. What do you think – would you let the internet choose your holiday for you?

The Airport Jacket – Wearable Luggage for the Frequent Flyer

How far would you go to avoid luggage charges? This Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise enough money to manufacture a jacket with enough pocket space to carry 15kg of luggage. The coat has 14 deep pockets and two detachable pocket panels for easy packing, and can be tucked away in the overhead locker like a bag. The coat comes in various cuts for men and women, and the photos make it look like a fairly stylish jacket. We’re not sure what it would look like once it was loaded down with 15kg of luggage though…

Twitter Chats for Travel Bloggers

Self-promoting, us? Surely not. This post from Vic at Vic Advisor is a great summary of all the best travel-related Twitter chats going on, which are great ways to swap tips, find inspiration and get to know other travellers. ‘Travel Talk on Twitter’ is there, ‘Part Time Travel’, ‘LuxTravelChat’… and sitting among them is’s very own #HolidayChat! We love how much our Twitter chat has grown in the past year and really enjoy talking travel with you guys every month. We’re certainly in great company on this list.

If you haven’t already, look us up at 8pm on the first Wednesday of the month to join our chat!

The £52m Pet Terminal That Transforms the Way Animals Fly

This is both our most and least favourite story of the month. On the one hand, JFK airport now has a super luxurious animal terminal, which offers food, pick-ups and microchipping alongside a range of more indulgent activities like a nightly tuck-in service for dogs, window perches for cats, and a pet spa. On the other hand, it means that while we’re wandering the terminal desperately looking for a chair and a coffee shop without a queue, we must live with the knowledge that somewhere a dog is chilling out enjoying a pawdicure…

Hope you enjoyed our round-up! What else have you enjoyed reading this month?