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What We've Been Reading: March 2017

From angry “hands off!” notes left on food in the HQ fridge to IOU messages shoved inside the office biscuit fund tin, March was certainly a time when our reading glasses did their fair share of overtime. We’ve cast an eye on many a written word over the last month, including lots of travel articles that have left us craving our next getaway. Check them out, but if you think you can munch on one of IT Dave’s yogurts whilst you’re at it, you’ve got another thing coming…

The Ultimate Travel Blogging Resource List

Lucy from Faraway Lucy is a travel blogger we’ve met and worked with on a couple of occasions over the last year or so, as part of our influencer programme. We always like to keep an eye on her posts and came across this corker during March, which would be particularly useful for anybody out there thinking of starting their own blog. Areas covered include analytics, best social media practices and plugins amongst many other things. 

Speaking of plugging, there was also a much-appreciated mention of our #HolidayChat (cough, first Wednesday of every month at 8pm, cough) that we host over on Twitter. Thanks, Lucy!

Location, Location, Vacation…5 Classic Films That Inspire Travel

Ever watched a film, spotted a stunning destination and seen your movie marathon quickly turn into one huge spontaneous holiday hunt? Popcorn to the side, laptop out, fingers furiously tapping away as you attempt to cure this sudden case of self-prescribed wanderlust that seems to have attacked your immune system. Well, we all need a healthy dose of travel medicine from time to time and these blockbusters are sure to provide the inspiration you need when booking a trip away.

5 Tips for stress-free travel

Even for the more experienced travellers amongst us, it’s a sure thing that stress will be likely to hit home at some stage during your getaway. Maybe someone will forget the passports, or perhaps you won’t bring that one thing you were made responsible for. What was it again? Either way, travel and lifestyle blogger Sophie Cliff made March the month she eased all your worries with this great post which will help you experience more fun and less panic!

17 Incredible Places You Should Travel Alone in Your Twenties

Solo travel is a great way to see the world at your own pace. Jason Derulo has been Ridin’ Solo, Solo, Solo for years and a big enough advocate to release his hit single titled so. This article may be intended for those in their twenties but age is just a number, right? Each of the destinations are in there for good reason as far as we’re concerned so take a look and let us know how many you’ve ticked off! 

How to Budget for Regular Travel

We’d all love to be able to jet away more often but can’t shirk the fact that financial restraints have a rather frustrating impact on this. Luckily, Jen from travel blog She Gets Around has put together a list of super-handy tips to help that holiday budget make like a muscle and stretch further than you perhaps thought it could. Booking in advance, going all-inclusive and having a simple feel down the sofa are all in there, plus much more.

The Pistes are Alive With the Sound of Mozart

March may be the back end of the ski season but we couldn’t leave this rather peculiar story out of our round-up. Boasting an impressive 50 miles worth of runs, the Grossarltal Valley near Salzburg, Austria, is a snow seeker’s dream. Salzburg also happens to be the birthplace of classical composer Mozart and what better way to honour such an influential figure than by blasting out his tunes through loudspeakers at lift stations? Seriously.

It’s quite apt really. The music scene has gone a bit (ahem) downhill since that guy was around. 

Which travel-related articles have you enjoyed reading in March? Feel free to share them by commenting below!