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What We’ve Been Reading: May 2017

It’s been a busy month here at preparing for the peak holiday season, and after last week’s mini heatwave we finally feel like summer is within reach! Those of us who love to make last minute plans have been on the lookout for our own holiday deals, and a few people have already been making the rest of the office jealous with their pre-summer tans. We’ve been getting in the holiday mood with a few travel-themed news stories – take a look at what we found this month!

British Couple Thought All Inclusive Was for All of Rhodes

We have to admit we had a good giggle at this story about a British couple who tried to walk out of a restaurant in Rhodes without paying, after they assumed that their all inclusive deal meant they could eat and drink for free in every bar and restaurant on the island. When stopped by the manager they tried to show their resort wristbands, and only paid up after he explained to them what all inclusive actually covered. The most amazing part? The owner claims it’s not even the first time this has happened…

Venice Plan to Charge Entry to City Centre

Venice’s city council have introduced several schemes in recent years to combat the overwhelming number of visitors, and protests by locals have raised serious questions about the negative impacts of the city’s tourism. A new proposal suggests people-counting at popular landmarks and a paid ticketing system for St Mark’s Square. The idea has not been welcomed by everyone, with some people arguing that historic squares should remain open to all, but it could help to limit the number of people crammed into the space.

What do you think – would you pay a small fee to enter St Mark’s Square?

Indonesian Rainbow Village Becomes Instagram Hit

Painting the town red takes on a whole new (more literal) meaning in the story of this quiet town in southern Indonesia, which has boosted its visitor numbers and become an internet sensation after painting every building in achingly bright rainbow colours. The area’s council paid out £17,000 to give the town of Kampung Pelangi its daring facelift, and visitors are already flocking to get their colourful photos for social media. The town has been tagged in Instagram almost 5,000 times already, so it looks like the scheme is working!

Exploring the Alternative Side of Benidorm

Recently we took five travel and lifestyle bloggers to Benidorm to discover what lies beyond the skyscraper hotels and British pubs! The Benidorm tourist board lined up three days of amazing activities for the group, including an electric bike tour of Sierra Helada Nature Park, a visit to the Old Town, jet skiing, a jeep tour, and plenty of delicious food and drink! Our bloggers have now started posting about their trip, and we’re loving all the beautiful photos.

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Leeds Named in Best of Europe 2017 by Lonely Planet

Every year Lonely Planet recognises ten up-and-coming cities that deserve immediate attention, and this year we were surprised to see Leeds, location of our very own HQ, at number five! It’s not every day your home city gets its name in lights as a new holiday destination, and Leeds is in great company with Zagreb, Gotland, Galicia and Northern Montenegro also making the top five. If you want somewhere a little quieter and off the beaten track for your next trip, this is the list to look at.

Primark Selling Amazing Lilos at Bargain Prices

Eye-catching lilos are this summer’s must-have pool accessory, with people taking to Instagram to show off inflatable unicorns, flamingos, doughnuts and more. Primark has been whipping up a storm online with their amazing pool floats that won’t break the bank, selling floats for around £10 that disappeared off the shelves as quickly as the staff could put them out. The latest addition to the range is the giant pizza slice, and we think it might be our favourite yet. Now all that’s missing is an icelolly…

What great travel articles have you read this month? Let us know in the comments!