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Where Can You Get The Most Currency For Your Money?

With a turbulent political landscape and one year to go until Brexit, it's no wonder that sterling is fluctuating as much as it is currently. It may have plummeted against the euro, but it has done the opposite against other currencies – which means it’s a great time to explore new countries without breaking the bank. Here's how you can use these currency changes to your advantage and make your money stretch as far as possible!

Choose your destination wisely

Between 2017 and 2018, there has been an increase in how much currency you can get for your £1 in some of our favourite destinations. This, coupled with the average cost of holidays means it’s a great time to broaden your travel horizons. Here are some of the best destinations for currency exchanges right now.

*Figures correct as of 23/03/18


There has seen a massive 22% increase in how much Turkish Lira you can get for your £1. Alongside this, the average spending money needed for a week self-catering in Turkey (based on 2 adults) is £400, so you can certainly splurge a little more without worrying about the breaking the bank.

Sri Lanka

The 16% increase may not be as high as Turkey, however you will need less spending money for a week self-catering in Sri Lanka, as the cost of living is significantly lower at just £280 based on 2 adults. With plenty of street food options in Sri Lanka, it means you can lower the £280 spending money by eating street side for less.


Mexico is a budget-friendly country whilst you’re there, and for 2 adults it costs on average £320 per week whilst holidaying. If you wanted to make your money stretch even further, an all-inclusive holiday would be the perfect fit for you.

Do you take into consideration the exchange rate when looking to book a holiday?