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Why A No-Deal Brexit Could Be Bad News For UK Travellers

You’re probably aware that the UK government are deep in the midst of discussions surrounding our country’s exit from the European Union, or ‘Brexit’ as it’s widely known.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed deal wasn’t backed by MPs earlier this week, so we’re still yet to know exactly what terms we’ll be tabling to the EU prior to our departure, which has been set at Friday 29th March 2019 for some time now.

This means there are still various elements relating to travel that may or may not be impacted following the disbandment, one of which effects UK motorists. Essentially, if drivers from these shores want to do so abroad after 29th March, a no-deal Brexit would result in the need for proof of insurance, known more commonly as a Green Card.

Another important thing to note is that you’ll need to order the card four weeks before your date of travel, with these EU regulations set to hit both businesses and individuals.

In May last year, it was agreed that the need for the card in the event of a no-deal Brexit would be waived, though this has yet to be confirmed and motorists are being advised to ensure they have one if only to urge on the side of caution.

This will impact people planning to drive anywhere in Europe, and includes those intending to cross the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border, also meaning EU motorists will need a Green Card if they want to drive in the UK.

However, one advantage of renting a car abroad instead of taking your own is that in this instance, UK drivers wouldn’t need to produce the card as local insurance would be provided by the rental company and you can compare great car rental offers here.

The news is expected to impact some 110 million motorists who cross the Irish border every year and around 2.5 million HGVs travelling from the UK to destinations on the continent.

Are you planning on driving in Europe soon?