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Why You NEED To Buy Travel Insurance Now If You Have A Holiday Booked

Here at HQ we are closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and the affects this may have on travel. At present, there are a number of travel restrictions in place for the hardest hit areas. However, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) advice pages are being updated regularly to keep all holidaymakers informed.

With that in mind, there’s never been a better time to remember the importance of booking your travel insurance, and other arrangements, as soon you book your holiday. Many of us often wait until just before we travel to arrange insurance, thinking mainly of the medical and luggage coverage. However, insurance covers much more than this, including holiday cancellations, so it’s vital to book your holiday and insurance at the same time.

In situations such as the current Coronavirus outbreak, travel insurance can ensure that if your holiday plans change due to FCO travel restrictions, you will most likely be covered. So, if you already have your holiday booked, but haven’t yet got insurance in place, now is the perfect time to do so as policies might not cover cancellations if bought after any FCO announcements. It’s also worth remembering that most travel insurance companies will only cover you based on FCO advice and not if you simply no longer want to travel.

If you already have travel insurance in place for your getaway, it’s worth checking your policy to see what is and isn’t covered in terms of cancellations. If there is little or no cover then it may well be worthwhile to contact your insurance provider to extend your cover in order to protect against cancellations.

Other Information To Keep In Mind

  • Travelling to destinations with government restrictions in place will void any travel insurance you have and no claims will be able to be made on your policy.

  • If your flights are cancelled by your flight provider due to restrictions or scale backs, you should be able to claim back your costs or arrange alternative flights via the provider.

  • If you’d like to cancel or change your holiday, but there are no restrictions in place, your insurance most likely won’t cover this, so you would need to speak to your holiday provider in the first instance. It’s unlikely they will be able to accommodate this, however, some providers are making special dispensations due to Coronavirus.

  • Should you fall ill whilst on holiday you will need to seek medical treatment which should be covered by your provider (please check your policy details). If you are on holiday in Europe at the time of ill health, your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will entitle you to treatment on the same terms as a local citizen (this will remain the case at least until the end of the Brexit transition period, which runs until 31 December 2020).

If you have any queries in relation to holidays you have booked, or which policies best suit your needs, it’s always best to speak to your holiday provider and insurer in the first instance. Remember to read all your policy details and coverage before purchasing so that they fit your requirements.

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