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Why You Should Book A Package Holiday Post COVID-19

The news that the travel industry is back open for business saw a large rise in consumer demand for holidays both this year and next. Though some people are still wondering what the best way is to go about actually booking their break abroad.

DIY holidays have their advantages, though in the current climate it pays to book as a package for a few very handy reasons. Read on to find out more…

Your money will be protected

Financial protection is never a bad thing, and that’s exactly what booking your first post COVID-19 as a package will ensure. Some travellers have been impacted by the unfortunate cancellation of flights and sudden closure of hotels or borders during the pandemic which of course is frustrating, though not as painful if you have protection.

Most holiday companies have allowed holidaymakers to simply select different dates of departure so you can enjoy your break later down the line, whilst booking an ATOL protected package also makes sure your money is safe in the still pretty unlikely scenario that the company you have your trip booked with suffers large financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

It gives you peace of mind

As well as allowing you to book safe in the knowledge that your money is protected, opting for a package holiday gives you peace of mind that everything is in one place. It can be confusing sometimes when you have flights booked through one company and your hotel booked through another, not to mention other aspects of your trip such as transfers and travel insurance.

You can also often book things such as excursions as an add on when choosing a package and having all parts of your vacay secured under the same umbrella booking means less worry and more relaxing - it is a holiday after all!

You can often get a cheaper deal

Given booking as a package is more financially safe and a lot easier to sort, you’d possibly assume this would come at an extra cost too. However, certain package providers often by things like plane seats or hotel rooms in bulk from airlines and hotel chains, which can often result in a cheaper price of acquisition, and therefore cheaper prices to tempt wannabe tourists into booking their packages.

Like most things, the more you buy, the better deal you get and this can be the same for a package holiday. For example if you book a trip with all the trimmings (flights, hotel, transfers, insurance etc), you could then receive a little discount or added extra for booking the entirety of your holiday through one provider.

You’re still in control

Contrary to some belief, booking as a package doesn’t mean you relinquish control of your break as you can still tailor-make your trip to suit your exact needs. For example you’re not forced to book things like excursions through in the in-resort reps when you’re there and can still get out and about and do your own thing.

You can often upgrade to private transfers if sharing with a coach load of fellow holidaymakers doesn’t appeal to you, and usually you’ll actually be able to pay off your balance in instalments as opposed to being forced to shell out all of the cash up front.

It’s super-easy to compare the best offers

So if you’re sold on the idea of booking your post COVID-19 holiday as a package, now you just need to know where to go to actually do so, right? Well, you’re in luck! Here at we want to make the package holiday searching process as easy as possible, which is why we round up all of the best offers and stick them in one place, making it super-simple to pick out your next break.

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